Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Samal Adventure

As a post birthday celebration, me and my officemates decided to spend the weekend at the Island Garden City of Samal. We opted for a 3rd class resort since we're kind of broke (hehehe..) but still we enjoyed the beauty of the place. We had fun playing under the sun, my co workers enjoyed the videoke and of course, the drinks! While I, on the other hand, took the time to stroll the place and look for starfishes! hehehe c",)
I've uploaded some of the pictures taken during the outing. It was really fun and memorable. And I'm hoping to go back there some other time with Ella. c",)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

a day with the kids...

Last Sunday, I was given the opportunity to share my blessings with the children of San Pedro Drop In Center for Street Children. A few of my close friends sent me some moolah for me to celebrate my 23rd year of existence in this planet with the homeless kids of Davao City ;) Here are some pics taken during the event (pardon me please for the resolution, the pictures were taken only through my mobile phone).

It was an advance birthday celebration due to the fact that Sunday is only my longest day for relaxation. My birthday unfortunately falls on a weekday that is why I celebrated it ahead of time. Anyways, my co workers and I are planning to spend next Sunday at Samal Island.
After the simple birthday celebration with the kids of San Pedro Drop In Center, I was able to realize a lot of things which led me to a couple of teardrops while on the way home from the Center. I realized how lucky I am for having such a wonderful family. My family may not be considered a perfect one for it was broken more than two decades ago but still my mother and my grandmother strived to provide me all the things that I need to live. They even went beyond what is needed. They spoiled me that's why I've grown to be a spoiled brat! Haha! What Jireh wants, Jireh gets.... but that was years before... I'm no longer a spoiled brat... Sometimes... maybe... but not all the time c",) hehehehe...
For the first time in my almost 3 months stay here in Davao City, I felt homesick that I cried myself to sleep. I didn't expect to celebrate my birthday far away from my mom and lola, from my barkada and close friends... :'( It was then that I realized how much I miss my mom and my lola. That I really can't afford to lose the two most important persons in my life. Oh my God... I'm becoming sentimental again... haha... I just can't stop thanking and praising God for giving me a lot of chances and for the overflowing blessings. He gave me a lot of generous friends who continues to spoil me. He gave me a lot of caring and loving brothers and sisters in the form of my church friends who continues to communicate with me despite the distance and busy school life. He also provided me with a stable and fulfilling work. I just don't know how to thank Him for all of these. And I do hope that I was able to make Him happy last Sunday. c",)
List of persons to thank (my sponsors for my outreach activity...hehehe...)
Tanisha & Mike
Thanks so much guyz! You've painted a smile on the kids face even just for an hour. =) God bless you all! Luv yah!