Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November bliss

I just realized that November is coming to an end in the next few days and I haven't even posted even just once this month. A lot of things happened actually and to sum all of these things in one post is not enough. I'll try to do so.
I'm officially a student again. I started my first day at Graduate School last November 17. I met my Professor and my new classmates for our first term or our first subject for the semester. What I like about my current school is that the subjects are taken per term not like in the traditional term, all three subjects are being taken up by the students simultaneously. It's actually five Saturdays per subject. We cannot proceed to another subject if we can't finish the first one. It's really an opportunity for us to focus on each of our subjects. So this is one way of getting good grades in Graduate School. Good luck to me. hehehe :D
Our first subject for the semester is Applied Business Research. Research is one boring subject for me. But not until we had our first two groups of reporters. From their report, I was able to grasp the real meaning of research. And I'm kinda excited of doing my own research study in the near future.
I'm so busy. Although nothing is new since I'm always busy even before I went back to school. But I became busier with my new work schedule. Almost 10 hours of work everyday (it's actually 8am-6:30pm EVERYDAY) and then the whole Saturday would be spent at school. Sunday is my only rest day but I just couldn't rest! :( I have to meet my groupmates for our reporting this coming December 1 and 8. I have to bear with this set-up after all, this is what I really want. I just have to remind myself that sacrifice is always equals to sweet success. And NO ONE OR NOTHING CAN EVER STOP ME FROM FULFILLING ALL OF MY DREAMS.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Launching of new FOMs on my Natal Day

I just turned 24 yesterday and it was the most memorable birthday I’ve ever had in my 24 years of existence. I would like to enumerate the reasons why:

  • First, family, relatives, coworkers and friends both from the other parts of the country and also those who are currently working overseas sent greetings thru text messages, friendster, multiply and e-mail. I am really happy because one friend who’s currently working at Dubai called. I admit I really miss Kitch. She’s a friend, a neighbor, a classmate, a business partner and a college barkada rolled into one. I’m really, really happy she called because I’ve been waiting for her to send me updates with what’s happening in her life now that she’s working in a foreign country. And another special greeting I’ve received yesterday that really made my heart leap is an e-card from my big boss and his wife. The two are currently on a vacation outside of the country but they still managed to send me a birthday greetings across the miles. Such a heartwarming gift for my birthday. Thank you so much for remembering me :D
  • Second, coworkers helped me organized and prepare my birthday dinner for everyone. I was on a tight budget but thank God a lot of them volunteered to cook. So each one of us enjoyed the night, busog na busog. *wink*
  • Third, on my natal day, I finally decided to join the DXN family. I really felt so welcomed and accommodated and guess what? They have prepared a surprise for me! They’ve compiled and wrote all their birthday greetings in two pieces of special paper prepared by my lovely friend Tina. (And by the way Tin, I know you’ll be reading this one, thank you so much for the book. Wuv u! :D) I was inspired by your birthday greetings. Rest assured, I’ll continue to help you serve more people. At your service po ;)
  • Fourth, my Mama and Lola called soooo early in the morning. Happy happy me :D I miss my Mama and Lola. So much. (Yey! Lapit na lang December! Hehehe)
  • Fifth, on my 24th birthday, our area launched our new Flavors of the Month. All FOMs belong under the sweet fillings category. The two new FOMs are Bavarian Cream and Choc Nut. Bavarian Cream is a yellow and creamy vanilla filling. I know some of you have tried it already because some donut companies have this kind of filling, but I suggest you try it with a waffle. It’s yummy! :D Choc Nut is a medium brown and paste-like filling with sweet, nutty and chocolatey taste from roasted peanuts and chocolates. This one taste like peanut butter but you can really taste the nuts. So what else are you waiting for? Go to the nearest Waffle Time outlets and grab one of our FOMs. :D

Yummilicious Bavarian Cream ;)

Chocolatey Choc Nut :D

Before I end this birthday post, I would like to thank our dear Creator for all the blessings I’ve received. Thank you for not giving up on me dear God. Thank you for everything.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Birthday Project 2007

Last October 13, 2007, I once again celebrated (in advance) my birthday with the kids from Paginhawaan Drop In Center. This birthday project started last year when out of boredom, I just thought of doing a charity work for my birthday. I really just want to share my blessings. But the project would not be possible without the help of my friends who generously shared their blessings too. It was a success. Thanks to everyone who helped financially and also to those who volunteered to help with the program and games :) Special mention to my DXN friends headed by my lovely new found friend Tina and also to Janice and Leah who also assisted me :) Muchas gracias to all my friends, Joseph, Junnel, Cookie, Maebelle, Poochie and Queenie. Without these persons, the event would not be a success. Pictures can be viewed here and also here.
Before ending the program, I asked the kids to write a simple message to my friends who sponsored my birthday project. Here are the mini letters which I scanned earlier this morning.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing your blessings with these unfortunate kids. Sa uulitin! ;) God bless us all :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Name Means...

This is not a meme post but I got the idea from Joni. Eversince I was in grade school, I've learned that my first name JIREH means God of Provider or The Lord will provide (Jehovah-Jireh). It came from the Holy Bible. I followed what Joni did, I also looked up the hidden meaning of my name through this site. Now here is what I've learned:
Emotional and artistic you have enormous energy and creativity although a rather serious approach to life. Through your own experiences you have learned to be understanding and compassionate towards others and always willing to help out. You are courageous, independent and strong willed with a desire to use your talents in progressive projects which will benefit mankind.
Well... It's actually true. I am emotional. I am indeed artistic but sometimes does not know how to show it. I really do have a serious approach to life. I am compassionate? I don't know. Maybe I am. Teehee :D I am indeed strong willed and I have been using my skills and talents to serve God through His people. I want to be God's instrument of peace and love. I am not that independent in life, but I'm doing my best to become one someday, independent emotionally, financially and physically ;) I am courageous, a risk taker. My name really defines me. And I'm very proud to have such a lovely name. How about you? :)


my current favorite :) LSS..

Monday, October 01, 2007

Non-stop shower of blessings :)

My last day of September was a very memorable day for me. Why? Because unexpected blessing came just when I really need it the most. Last Saturday, I asked permission from my boss if it would be okay for her if I'll spend New Year at home. I promised to finish all my reports before going home and to be back by January 2, 2008. Thank God she allowed me. Now my dilemma started when I was starting to canvass for my plane ticket. There are available low rate fare but booking is good for three days only and if I can't pay on the deadline, then my reservation will be forfeited. As of yesterday, I was totally broke. I do have my savings but all of it were invested in my mini loan business. Mini because the capital was small but at least it helped 4 striving people. I offered a loan to my four friends with a minimum interest for a month. I was actually helping them get out of a credit with a very high interest rate. Presyong kaibigan ;) But I on the other hand was left with nothing. As in nothing. Tanga ako minsan! :( I searched for help from my high school barkada but to my dismay, most of them have already closed their credit cards and one do have cash to lend me but she's on a very tight schedule and can't spare some time to send me the money. Last resort was to loan from a friend but for a lower interest rate since I'm going to return the money after 5 days. I was able to negotiate with the lender. Now I feel a little bit secured. I can buy my ticket going to Cebu (I'm gonna take the bus going to Bacolod na lang) the following day. But I was still bothered with the thought that I do have the money but never left anything for my emergency use. Asa man ang utak mo jai man??? I attended the Sunday Mass but I felt guilty for not paying attention because my thoughts were really flying high.

After attending the Sunday mass, I met up with two of my housemates at the mall. Just when I arrived at our outlet, I received a text message from my Auntie (my father's sister). She informed me that she's going to deposit my money on Monday (which is today). The money my Auntie was talking about is my profit after the harvest of our rice crop. This cropping season, it's my father's turn to make use of their family's land for business. Since my father passed away, the profit from the rice crop is handed over to me. Ako ang taga pagmana eh ;) hehehe.. Feeling mayaman. I thought matagal pa ang pag-ani ng palay, d ko alam naka-ani na pala sila. I hurriedly texted my friend that I would cancel the loan. I really feel blessed. God must have heard my prayer. And I bet Tatay convinced God to help me. Thank you so much Tatay! :)

I really believe in the power of giving and sharing. When you give, it will always come back a hundred fold. And in God's time, you will always receive what is due for you. I know I'm blessed because I know how to share, but syempre, I also know how to keep some for my future. Lesson learned. Always set aside a small amount for emergency use. Save save save for the rainy days! ;)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

counting my blessings (part two) plus another little angel

I've been wanting to blog about this. But I had so little time for extra curricular activities here in the office. I've been so busy. What else is new? I'm always busy. But the huge work loads and countless deadlines that I have seems to be so little compared to the blessings that I've received since September 19, 2007. Below are the list of happenings that I considered as a heavenly gift from God.
  1. I passed University of Mindanao's entrance examination for Graduate School. =) So by November, I will be starting my Master in Business Administration.
  2. I finally received a salary raise after almost seven months of waiting. It was actually worth the wait.
  3. I was able to meet my first short term financial goal. (I consider this one to be a blessing because I've finally learned how to take good care of my finances.)
  4. I've received a news from one of my high school barkada that almost everyone of us has been showered with blessings lately. Isn't that nice to hear? ;)
  5. And finally, another little angel. One of our high school barkada, Shelah or Shing as everyone calls her, gave birth to cutie little Ianah yesterday around six in the morning.
Welcome to the world Ianah Tondo-Espuerta.

Thank you so much dear God for all the wonderful blessings. Patience is indeed a virtue. And it is really true that once we take good care of our job, God will take care of the paycheck. :) Have a nice day everyone! :) Thanks for dropping by :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Do Your Best

I got this from a friend, it's actually a forwarded e-mail. I just want to share this with everyone who wasn't able to receive this typical forwarded e-mail.

Do Your Best by Dr. Woodrow Kroll
Esther 6:2-3

"And it was found written that Mordecai had told of Bigthana and Teresh, two of the king's eunuchs, the doorkeepers who had sought to lay hands on King Ahasuerus. Then the king said, 'What honor or dignity has been bestowed on Mordecai for this?' And the king's servants who attended him said, 'Nothing has been done for him.'"

Do Your Best

Several years ago, a crew of men was working on the road bed of a railroad when they were interrupted by a slow-moving train. The train stopped and a window in the last car--which was custom-made and air-conditioned--was raised. A friendly voice called out, "Dave, is that you?" Dave Anderson, the crew chief, called back, "Sure is, Jim. It's good to see you." With that pleasant exchange, Dave was invited to join Jim Murphy, the president of the railroad, for a visit.

After the train pulled out, Dave's crew surrounded him and expressed astonishment that he knew Mr. Murphy as a personal friend. Dave then explained that many years earlier he and Jim had started to work for the railroad on the same day. One man half jokingly asked Dave why he was still working out in the hot sun and Jim Murphy was now president. Wistfully Dave explained, "Twenty-three years ago I went to work for $1.75 an hour and Jim Murphy went to work for the railroad."

In the same way, when Mordecai became a court official, he went to work for the king, not just to draw a salary. His goal was not financial gain but to do the best job he possibly could. It was only natural, then, that when he discovered a plot on the king's life, he immediately reported it. He was loyal to the king and was only doing his job well.

Is your commitment to the paycheck or to the job? Are you fulfilling your duties to the best of your ability, or are you simply concerned about what you receive in return? Take your cue from Mordecai. Ask God to show you how you can honor Him through your employment.

When you take care of your job, God will take care of the paycheck.

This devotional is used with permission by the authors. It may be used solely for personal, noncommercial, and informational purposes. Republication or redistribution of this devotional is prohibited.

This is really true. You just have to have patience, positive outlook and hard-work combined also with perseverance, dedication and strong-will. And one more thing, faith in God :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I went out for an hour earlier to visit University of Mindanao regarding my masteral plans this coming second semester. They scheduled me for an entrance examination tomorrow afternoon. Thank God our Area Manager allowed me to be absent tomorrow for my examination. So this is it. I am starting to realize my goals and dreams one at a time. My work schedule starting November has already been approved. I would be working from 8 in the morning until 12 noon then 1 until 6:30 in the evening from Mondays until Fridays only. That leaves my Saturdays free for my classes. I’m pretty excited to go back to school. What makes me more thrilled is the fact that I’m going to send myself to school. Yeah. Self-supporting. No parents to give me allowance. This is my hard-earned money. This is the result of my penny-pinching. Everyone in the office says I’m so kuripot. May mayaman bang hindi kuripot? *wink*

This is step one. Step two tomorrow. One step at a time. =) Patience and more patience. I can fulfill all my dreams, slowly but surely.

This is all for now, I have to go back to work ;)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Guilty and Not Guilty -- Erap para sa mahirap

Sandiganbayan's decision for Erap's case are available for download here. I'll comment on this later. Still have a lot of work to do. So what do you think? Biased or unbiased?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

My Psychotic Side

It's the first day of the 'ber' months. And during this day, I've made a lot of realizations which I really think would help me improve myself more. Ok ok. Honestly, my previous post is not about a friend. It was my own experience. There were days that I seem to be not in my normal mode and that was one of it. This week was a roller coaster of emotions. I just realized that I haven't changed my being so impatient. I am patient but not in everything. I have to learn how to wait. I have to learn how to look at things in different ways. When I'm impatient, I tend to be lunatic. And then emotions would overflow and then I would just cry till I feel numb and then I would be okay after a few minutes of deep thinking. Weird huh? Let's just say I'm deranged. =)

We had a brief meeting earlier. This is with regard to the alternative work schedule that our big boss made just for the managerial employees. So my proposed schedule was given attention to and will be submitted to our big boss for final approval. I'm confident that he will approve it, we had talked about it already. And everything's okay with him.

So for now, I assume that I would be able to start my Masters on November. But I'm still trying to get some information from CAP College. They were the ones who pioneered distance learning in the Philippines. It would be hassle free if I enroll in distance learning. No classrooms. It's just like self study. They have not posted any information about their satellite distance learning centers. I asked my cousin whose living in Manila right now to call CAP for me. So, I have to wait for next week. PATIENCE ;)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

patience & more patience...

I need more patience. I just can't understand her. Why is she like that? Why can't she tell me straight to my face that she hates me? She's good with me everytime she needs something from me. I'm trying my best to understand her. But sometimes, I just can't help but talk about her with other people though I know that it's not good. But I have to let it out. Ano ba ang problema mo? Okay na nga sa taas bakit di mo pa ako pinapaalam? What is your intention? Why are you doing this to me? Haaay. God bless you na lang. Sana masaya ka sa ginagawa mo.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Changes & Birthday Plans

As the famous axiom goes, change is the only constant thing in this world. It’s undeniably true. And I as a sensitive human being should learn how to adapt with changes. I've been trying to but I oftentimes tend to forget. I should not mind the changes in others, I should mind my own self. Selfish? Sometimes minding others business causes pain in my heart. I guess I just need to mind my own business. Just focus on my goal to become a better person each day. Better than each day that passes by.

On the other hand, 60 days from now, I will be celebrating my 24th year of existence. And just like last year, I’m planning to throw a mini-birthday bash for the children at the San Pedro Drop-In Center for Street Children. I would love to share my blessings with these poor kids. My birthday treat for them last year would not be possible without the financial support from my friends back at home and also from those outside the country and within the different islands in the Philippines. One of my high school batchmate, now a Registered Nurse working at Texas (yeah US baby! Haha!), promised again to send me some $$ to add up to my birthday budget. He would love to do kawang gawa with me =) Anybody there with a kind heart who would love to donate for my birthday treats for the unfortunate kids? Just drop me message on how to get in touch with you. I would be very happy if you could help. It would be a very nice feeling to see the smile on these kids' faces. Below are some of the pictures taken with the children during my birthday feeding program.

This is Roldan, I really can't forget this little guy. When I asked for someone to volunteer to lead the prayer before meals, he actively raised his hand. Isn't it nice that these children knows how to pray? :)

Prayer before meals :)

Eating time. Yummy spaghetti and waffles! :)

Chika² with the kids :)

Roldan enjoying his spaghetti :)

They gave me this lovely bouquet of red roses with the message below:

This really made me cry. Tears of JOY =)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fruits fruits and more fruits...

As if marami talaga, lanzones lang naman tsaka rambotan ang nakain ko.. :)

Because it's Kadayawan Festival, fruits are very affordable, from the famous durian to the sweet lanzones. Our Inventory Control Officer went out to buy Ube for our ube fillings, and when he went back from the market, he was carrying two plastic bags full of lanzones and rambotan! yummy! :)

Want some?

lanzones for only Php25.00 per kilo

rambotan for only Php20.00 per kilo ;)

Saturday is fast approaching. It's actually payday! wehehe :) I'm gonna shop for more fruits! hahaha :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Employee :)

This morning, each one of us in here in the office received an e-mail from our big boss. It was actually a survey. Here are the questions:
  1. How do you assess your performance this past year? Tell me why.
  2. Quantify your contributions.
  3. What do you think you are particularly good at?
  4. What are your weakest points in performing task at hand, if any?
  5. What are the key success factors?
  6. What are the problems, if any?
  7. Confidentially, whom do you find it difficult to work with, if there's anyone?
  8. Is there any system that you consider to be in need of immediate change?
  9. Which part of your job interests you the most?
  10. How about the uninteresting portion, if any?
  11. How do you see yourself in the company in both short- and long-term period?
  12. Is there anything or anyone you need to help you become more effective?
  13. Is there anything in your current job that has become redundant or would you wish to change?
  14. Are you happy?
  15. What do you think of my management style?
Upon reading the questions, I can't help but smile. Smile because I'm so happy! It has been my desire to reach out to our big boss. To let him know what I feel and to share with him some of my ideas that I think would be beneficial to the company. After reading the last line of the e-mail, I quickly clicked on the REPLY button and answered the questions with a big smile on my face! :)

I feel happy knowing that our concerns, ideas and suggestions are also being given proper attention. It makes me feel important and it gives me the motivation to work harder. :)

Monday, August 13, 2007


"You must give up your former way of living, the old self, whose deceitful desires bring self-destruction." - Ephesians 4:22

This Bible quote made me pause and reflect. I got this quote from Eunice. She was ranting about this bad habit that she's been suffering lately. Little did she know that I too suffered this kind of sickness ever since I was in elementary. And I'm still fighting procrastination until these days. Just like her, I know that the change must start within me. I've read a lot of tips on how to deal with this kind of behavior. This is the only system that I really think helped me in solving my dilemma. I made my own to-do notebook and I always make sure that I have at least an hour every week to update my weekly schedule. For those who have some problem in dealing with procrastination, I suggest you visit this site. They are promoting self-management in order for an individual to achieve personal happiness. It worked for me. :) I'm a lot happier with this kind of system. I'm 50% close to my goal of being organized and systematic not only in work but in all aspects of my life. Slowly giving up my old self leads me away from self-destruction. And I know that God will continue to guide me through this journey. :)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

SELFISH is the WORD of the DAY

Yeah... She's just SELFISH. as in S-E-L-F-I-S-H.

Nothing. Just letting it out. I'm stressed. And it's hell! :(

Monday, July 30, 2007

Prayer for my stressed mind & soul

It's just Monday, but it feels like I've been working for how many days already. All my energy were used up and I haven't even accomplished all the tasks I listed in my MONDAY TO-DO LIST. =( And tomorrow, will also be another busy day. It's the last day of the month and I have to finish the payroll. Poor me.
I've been trying to memorize the Serenity Prayer. It's like an encouragement to my stressed mind, body and soul. It's a prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr.
I want to share this to all of you.

God, give us grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.
Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is,
Not as I would have it,
Trusting that You will make all things right,
If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with You forever in the next.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

7 FACTS about ME

I seldom reply to memes. It's not that I'm too lazy to think about what to post (sometimes, hehehe) but I really don't have much time anymore. Well well, here's my reply Mich. :) Seven FACTS about yours truly.
  1. STRESS MAKES ME FAT. Yeah, it's true. The more I'm pressured, the more I eat. Even during school days, I always request Mama to buy some cookies & junk foods when I have exams & long quizzes. Munching while studying keeps me awake all night! :) hehehe...
  2. I'M TURNING 24 BUT I STILL LOVE WATCHING CARTOONS. I love watching The Powerpuff Girls, The Tom & Jerry Show, Spongebob and The Little Lulu Show. I also love to collect Piglet & Pooh stuffs.
  3. I AM AN UNICA HIJA. I'm an only child. Used to be a spoiled brat but somehow learned to accept the fact that I cannot have everything that I want to have.
  4. I AM A FRUSTRATED BUSINESS WOMAN. Super frustrated but still hopefull. I've been through a lot of different small businesses, but I failed. I do know the basics of bookkeeping and accounting. But I was just too lazy to account everything. My fault. So? I always end up with making tapal because I forgot where did I used some of my capital and even the profit. Nawala lang. Hehehe. It;'s either spent on worthless stuff or used it to pay some other debts.
  5. ASIDE FROM BEING AN UNICA HIJA, MY MOM IS ALSO AN UNICA HIJA. Yep. My Mama is also an only child. That makes my family so small, sa Mama's side.
  6. I LOVE VIOLET & PINK. Violet used to be my only favorite color before I met Ian. Ian is a friend who became a boyfriend but due to personal matters, the relationship went back to the same level, being just friends again. He love punk so much and he associates pink to the music genre. Pink is punk daw. hehehe. Ako nakikisabay rin, that's when I learned to love pink until now.
  7. I LOVE TO BE IN THE KITCHEN. Not because of eating, but because of baking. And now, I've learned to cook, I've been thinking of taking culinary arts in the near future. Matagal pa siguro, wala pa akong enough na ipon. Hehehe. I find happiness in cooking ;)

Now that I'm done, I'm tagging Trish, Megan, Rocelyn, Eunice, Dorsey, Nicole & Danielle. :) Have a happy weekend everyone! :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Made It! :)

Yeah! I finally made it! I've achieved one of my long term goals, and that is to be able to stay longer than four months in a company. I really can't believe it. Parang kailan lang... I can still remember how Mama and Lola used to doubt my decision of accepting the job offer. They keep on saying that Davao is way too far and maybe the company would just give me a minimum wage. But I didn't listen to them. I kept on telling them that this is a a chance that I really have to take. I told them I want to learn how to be independent. I think accepting the job opportunity is one best way for me to become emotionally and financially independent. And yes, this career experience that I'm going through right now gave me more than what I expected.

Looking back, I've made a lot of realizations. I realized that no matter how busy and happy I am here in Durian Republic, I would still long for the comfort and warmth of my little hometown. There's really no place like home. I already learned to love Davao, but I would still want to settle down in Bacolod. I also realized that cooking is not that hard. ;) And so is doing the laundry too (syempre with the help of the ever useful washing machine). I also realized that I need to have longer patience and I should be more disciplined in everything that I do so that I can be more productive and efficient not only in work but also in terms of house chores (no choice, wala akong maid dito! hehehe) and other extra curricular activities. And another very significant realization that I made is that CONSTANT PRAYER, PRAYING THE HOLY ROSARY & HEARING (DAILY) MASS CURES DEPRESSION & HOMESICKNESS. Tested and proven by yours truly. :)

Sweet success. :) This is what I'm feeling right now. Another goal to pursue is maintaining my savings account until the end of the year. And another is to really take good care of not only my job but also my other small business (sidelines!). I know I can make it. I just need to have more faith in myself and with God :)

Thank you so much to all my family, friends (including those whom I've met through blogging), and to all my co-workers for believing in me and for all those encouragements. I know that without you guys, I wouldn't make it this far. And most of all, thank you so much Dear God for never leaving my side.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Yeah I’m Fat.. but I’m beautiful :p

Yesterday, I decided to change my hair style. I’m sick and tired of my long hair. I’ve been having second thoughts since last month because I know that if I cut my hair short, I’d look fat. No no.. I’m not slim either, but having a short hair would make me look like a siopao. Hahaha =)

July 14, 2007

July 22, 2007

But I really wanted to have a new look. And it’s so expensive to maintain a long hair. As what I’ve expected, almost everybody in the office commented that I look fat with my new hair style. So? Mataba naman talaga ako ah? But I’m still beautiful. FAT IS BEAUTIFUL ;) Hahahaha :p

I’m planning to go back to the gym next month. I’m still trying to fix my budget. I really want to get back in shape, not too slim, just the average type of body that I used to have last year before I arrived here in Davao City. And by the way, this day marks my 1st year here in Durian Republic. And tomorrow, I will be celebrating my 1st year anniversary of hard work & patience in Waffle Time, Inc. Yahooo!! At last, I’ve succeeded in one of my long term goals. Another goal to pursue is my savings plan. Short term goal, before my birthday this coming October, my savings account should have atleast five thousand bucks in it. And it should double by the end of the year. I know I can make it. Discipline. Discipline. Discipline. And patience too. I need to have both. Wish me luck friends ;)


Last July 21 is my beautiful grandma's 77th birthday. My mama prepared a little celebration for her since we're really on tight budget right now. I enjoyed talking with my Papa Gil (my Lola's youngest brother) and also with his wife, Mama Aida last Saturday. Mama invited just a few guests, all of them are actually our relatives. I've talked to Lola and I'm very sure she was happy and contented with that little celebration though I'm not home. It's my phone calls and the present that I've sent her that made her happier I think. :) Syempre... the only grand daughter, spoiled pa! hehehe :) I love you Lola! May you have more birthdays to come. :)

Friday, July 20, 2007


I am happy! :) Thank God it's Friday! Time passes by so fast whenever I'm busy. Tsk tsk tsk... Got a lot of reports to update. I need time management.. Whew! Can't think of something to post now. Maybe next week :) I'll just post a simple prayer. I just want to express how thankful I am for everything.
Thank you Lord for never leaving my side. :) Thank you for all the good and bad experiences, they molded me into a fine young lady that I am today. Please do continue to bless me, my family and my friends. Please keep my family away from harm, keep them safe always in Your Holy Hands. :) Amen.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Saving for the rainy days

I'm back :) Joni's post made me think of blogging about it too. I want to share my way of saving for the rainy days. Last year, I've managed to allocate at least 10-20% of my salary every payday. I've accumulated a not so small yet not so large amount by the December 2006 but came January, I have to go home to attend the burial of our Lola Puring, my Lola's older sister. And when I went back here, I was shock to discover that all my savings vanished in thin air. Teeehee :D How did it happen? Just like Tina, I'm also wondering why money go away so fast? One would take at least 15 days of hard work to earn it and then in just one day, swoosh... hahaha :) Wala na! :/
So here I am now, back to scratch. I actually asked a friend to help me with my savings. I know I just need to have discipline and a basic knowledge in budgeting but I really think that having someone to constantly remind me that tomorrow might be a disaster day will make me achieve my financial goals smoothly. I once again opened a savings account with BPI since it's also the same bank where our salary is being onlined. I enrolled my savings account online so that I can schedule a monthly transfer from my payroll account to my savings account. My friend back in Bacolod is the keeper of my ATM Card. She volunteered keep it for me so that I will not be tempted to use make withdrawals ans she will also check my account every payday, to see to it that I am paying myself atleast 10% of my salary.
From January until May, kakarampot lang ang savings ko. But I've partnered with a friend and invested my little savings in a small business. Now, my invested money earns atleast 5% a month. Not bad at all. :)
It's really important to pay ourselves first before others every payday. It's one way of making our future secure. You can never tell what will happen tomorrow. It's a good thing if you've got lots of friends who are all willing to lend you moolah when you're sick if you don't have enough cash to pay for all your medical expenses, but one can never tell. What if all of your friends and even your family are also having financial difficulties? What would you do? You see, it really pays to save. Just like Tina, she was able to make use of what she had saved.
I recommend Francisco Colayco's book to those who want to learn more about the importance of savings. Mr. Colayco suggests the 80-20 rule or also known as the Pareto Principle. Save 20% of your active income (income from regular job) and budget the 80% for your daily expenses and other needs or maybe wants. It's a must-read book for all yuppies out there :) Let's make it a habit to save. :)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Food Trip

Yesterday after work, we went out for dinner. Four of us from the office and also our Territory Manager who arrived last Thursday for a surprise visit, scouted the streets in the downtown area looking for a good resto. Syempre, we were all looking for an Eat All You Can buffet and our feet took us to Dencio’s Kamayan.

For only Php98.00, we filled our stomachs with delight! Yummy! Hehehe.. Too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of the food that they have served but I really like their Chop Seuy and their Java Rice. =)

Later, I will be watching Transformers. Hehehe =)

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Yeah! I need a break, as in B-R-E-A-K! Everyday seems to be a busy day. After doing the payroll, there are still a lot of reports to finish and then it's clearing period again. I feel like dying :( But on the positive side, I've been monitoring our sales everyday and I really want to thank God for the super duper blessing! :) Our area is doing good compared to last year's sales and compared to other area also, we're really doing well this past two months. I salute all our outlet crews, OICs and Supervisors for the job well done. I hope and I pray that this will continue until the end of the year. (Lord please... it's the only thing that makes our big boss smile! :) hahaha...)

I still haven't watched Transformers, even Fantastic Four! :( I'm gonna watch Transformers this Saturday afternoon after work. I need a big break and I've got to treat myself :) I need to be good to myself. Hehehe :)

Still have a lot of things to do. Ciao! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007


While browsing over PBB FORUM, this one caught my attention. I don't know if it's true or not. But one thing I'm sure is that Wendy is the REAL PLASTIK inside Kuya's house. It's not bad to be a fighter but do it in a diplomatic way. Ano ka ba naman iha? OK KA LANG? You said want to win the million for your family, pero di mo ba alam na sa ginagawa mo pinapahiya mo ang pamilya mo? Almost all the comments and feedbacks from the people in the PBB Forum blames Wendy's parents for the way she was raised. Not directly but in some way, parang ganun na rin. Visit the forum and you'll know why. Is there really a conspiracy going on behind the PBB Season 2? Teacher's pet nga ba talaga si Wendy ng ABS CBN Management? Basta ako, I really won't vote for Wendy to be a part of the BIG FOUR. SHE'S NOT DESERVING.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cutie Meow

If only I've got the moolah, I should have brought this cute little Persian Kitten home from the pet shop located inside Victoria Mall. She's so adorable. =)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Father's Day Surprise

Tomorrow will be Father's Day. And I together with my churchmates back home at Bacolod, have prepared a little surprise for our beloved parish priest. We love Father Boy so much. We consider him as our second father.

I volunteered to do the lay-out since I'm so miles away and I can't help them with whatever gimiks they have for the occassion. Actually, we have been planning for it since last month. What's funny is that we've been thinking that Father's day is every second Sunday of June like Mother's day which is being celebrated every second Sunday of May. One of youth advisers, Tita Olive, reminded us that Father's day is still on the third Sunday and that we don't have to rush things. :) Whew! At least, everything is ready days before the event.

On the other hand, it's already the middle of the month and boy, I'm so busy I can hardly post here :(. Lots of tasks to do. I feel like drowning. :( I'm so stressed.

Enough of those rants. I've got to end this post now and rest because I'm sick. :( This must be the result of the sudden change of weather. Yesterday it rained and this morning, the sun's heat seems to fry all my flabs. Lol. And now, it looks like it's going to rain again. :/

To all the daddies out there, Happy Father's Day! :) To my Tatay, wherever you are, you're always in my heart. I love you Tatay :) Happy Father's Day! :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Nonsense Post by Super Jireh

Time seems to move so fast when I’m busy. I have a lot of deadlines to meet and I was shock to know that there are only 3 days left before the month of wedding. JUNE na!??! Ang bilis… and I’ve got exactly 54 days before my 1st year anniversary here in Waffle Time. Last week, I promised myself that I should be able to shed some pounds before I celebrate my 1st year of patience and hard work. I’ve been so anxious of my weight lately. I want to become thinner. I’m sooooo fat! :[

I've been planning to go back to the gym but it hurts my pocket. I should minimize my monthly expenses. I have lots of bills to pay and I need to save enough moolah for my plane ticket. I’m planning to go home days before end of December because I want to spend New Year at home with my family. December is way too far but I’m really on a tight budget right now. Every peso counts ;)

When will I get some raise? I badly need a raise. Will the President do something about it? Huhuhuhu :’[ Ano ba naman toh? It’s like I’m just working to pay all my bills and debts. I do have some savings but
parang di sya savings. Kakarampot lang. Lol.

Such a nonsense post. Do I make sense here? I’m just ranting. Stressed. Tensed. Malapit na ang kataposan ng buwan. It will be my first time to do the daily payroll. Whew. Walang pahinga. May monthly operating expense pa. Kaya ko toh. Need to charge my super powers. Gotta go. Still have to finish the separation clearance of the crews who just ended their 5-months contract. Grabe.
Super Jireh! Hahaha :]

Monday, May 28, 2007

We're alive...

Yeah, I'm back and so is my baby :) This will be a very short post. I'm just happy right now. But I'm still busy that's why I can't blog longer. Well, maybe at the end of the month after doing the daily payroll for the first time. Gotta go. Have a happy Monday everyone! :

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A stupid textmate + an injured phone + hectic schedule = stressed

Yesterday, so early in the morning I've got a missed call in my Smart line. I texted the caller to ask who he/she is because he/she is not in my phone book. And then he explained that he just dialed some numbers randomly and he wanted me to be his textmate. My gulay. So early in the morning maghahanap ng texmate? I honestly told the texter that I don't have time for all those craps. And I don't accept textmates from someone I don't even know. Natrauma na ako. hehehe. Sorry sya.

And then while on the road going to BPI to withdraw for our petty cash, I opened my Globe sim. And guess what? The same number texted me. At first he said 'hi, good morning' and then I asked him who he really is and then like what he said to me earlier in the morning, pachamba lang daw na pagdial ng number. Ano ba yan pare? Niloloko mo ba ako? Kaaga-aga nambubulabog ka na ng tao? Dalawang number ko di-nial mo lang ng pachamba? Ano ka manghuhula? I know that the person knows me but I really don't have the slightest idea who he is. And I've got a strong feeling that he is a he. I actually went a little bit mad yesterday morning. Nabwisit talaga ako. Manloloko na nga, mali pa ang diskarte! Ang tanga! Grrrrr..
So, the result, I was the meanest girl yesterday. I replied using my dialect (which is in Ilonggo) telling him he's so stupid and telling him to fool himself.

That was just the start of a very stressful day. Monday is such a busy day. And it's clearing week. I don't have any slack time. I can hardly even file all the invoices that are starting to pile up in my desk. And then in the afternoon, while liquidating my petty cash, I've noticed my SE phone was so quiet, it's actually the busiest among my two mobile phone because it is where all deposited sales are being texted and some other work-related complaints or updates. All I've been thinking is that the battery is already drained and I have to charge it. But then, after almost 30 minutes of charging, it won't turn on. And even the 'charging' message when it is turned off doesn't show. :( I waited for another 30 minutes but it's still the same. I called up our head office to make sure if it's okay to let Smart's branch here in Davao check my phone. They advised me to ask Smart's advise here first regarding my phone's status, if it really needs to be repaired then I have to send it back to Iloilo. After office, I took my phone to the nearest Smart Wireless Center and there they check my phone. The battery is okay as well as the charger, that means either the software or the hard drive is injured. :( They don't have an in-house technician that's why they 're not really sure which part of my phone is not working. Since my mobile phone is partly owned by the company, the CSR advised me to ask for a certification granting me permission to let Smart Davao take care of my phone's problem so that I don't have to send it to Iloilo. I'm lucky that Sony Ericsson and Semicon have a branch here in Davao City. The check-up and repair wont' take so long and Smart even told me that they will provide me a service unit if it will not be repaired within a day.

When evening came, I've felt that all my energy were all used up. A lot of pending works to finish, add up the disappointment due to my injured phone. And I need a way to let this out. This is one way I think. And another? I want to go to the spa! But not now, still saving up for a new business.

On the other hand, I've already seen Shrek 3 last Saturday with our Area Manager. It was hilarious! Girl power? We ladies should not wait for our prince charming to come and save us, they might be needing our help to find them. Hehehe ;) And those cute little shreks and one little fiona. They're so adorable.

Still have to go back to work. I blogged just to release a little emotional baggage due to my injured phone. And it helped. I'm quite OK now. Quite.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Almost A Decade of Friendship

I want to share to everyone an e-mail I received from Junnel, one of my barkada. Reading his e-mail made me miss them more and more each day. This is the story of how our high school barkada came to be...

October 10, 1997 is a date I can never forget. It was on my sophomore year in high school when my group of four boys decided to break the walls that separate the young men’s world from the girls’.

It all happened when my friends, Karl, Carlo, Bryan and I (Junnel) started our swimming lessons in PE. As friends, our day will never be complete without meeting each other after our classes in the afternoon. Since our swimming is the last subject of the day, we tend to stay somewhere to wait for our friends at swimming lessons before going home. This somewhere somehow came to be a fixed venue of our meeting everyday. This was “a bench” in the extension-canteen.

So came about that there were also other two groups of girls who share the bench with us for the same purpose and so we got along each other as the curriculum-with- swimming- lesson passes by. We came to know this group of girl-dancers; Judybelle, Nimalyn, Maebelle and Tanisha who were so sweet and loving, and this other group of girls who are just friends by heart; Cookie, Jireh, Maica and Vanessa who were so fun to be with and so lovable.

This bench of 4-person capacity (I can’t clearly imagine how we fit-in there) actually merged a group of more fun and excitement. It was on the 10th of October, 1997 that my friends agreed to join the company of girls since we thought that we’re mature enough to count the girls in our gigs and trips.

Not too long as we stepped on the next level of our high school, 3rd year, we came to initiate in our group Greavinci and Shelah followed by Marlon and Jake on our 4th year. These new members didn’t just add on the pride of our group because they’re all talented but they also make a perfect blend in strengthening our relationship.

On this year, our “barkada” will be celebrating our 10th year together. And when I say together, goes with it are the memories I love to recall and the problems we went through hand-in-hand and the wish that we may long live the BARKADA.

If there’s one thing I can say about my friends I would rightly contend that my barkada is the living example of true ally and I wish to picture our group as the “poetry of friendship and love”.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Close-To-Peaceful Election & Birthday Surprise

While browsing over ABS-CBN Interactive, a news update caught my attention.

"Official election forms stolen inside COMELEC warehouse

Spoiled election forms inside a Commission on Elections warehouse in Paco, Manila were stolen Tuesday, possibly by COMELEC employees.

COMELEC Chairman Benjamin Abalos Sr. said reserve forms including certificates of canvass (COCs), municipal proclamation and summary of statement of votes forms were declared missing inside the Maxilite Building in Paco.

Abalos said poll officials are eyeing a possible inside job since there was no sign of forced entry. He said every COMELEC employee with access to the storage facility will be investigated. He added that the stolen forms could no longer be used because their serial numbers have already been nullified. More.."

So what else is new? The other day, I was so happy to hear the news from the same TV network that the said national event is a peaceful one. But now, I seemed to be confused. How can it be peaceful if even just during the campaign period the COMELEC gun ban failed to cease election-related violence? And the PNP already reported that a number of people died and some were injured in 215 incidents of election-related violence. They call that peaceful?

Is there hope for our beloved country to rise from being a third world country inspite of all these adversities? Maybe. If all our government leaders unite for one purpose. If they set aside those personal grudges and personal desires. If they will learn to respect the unique differences of their co-workers. IF... I don't want to comment further. It will just make me more depressed knowing that all those IFS are far next to impossible. What do you think? I'll just pray and hope that God will hear my petition for a clean and unbiased election result.


Setting aside those political rants, I would like to take this opportunity to greet our lovely INA NG TAHANAN.
Happy 53rd Birthday Mama! Since I'm broke and it really sounds impossible to come home for a very special event, I asked my cousin, Nang Tina, to order a chocolate birthday cake for my Mama. And I asked my adopted sister (she's actually a second cousin but living with us :) she calls my mother Mama too..) to pick-up the cake and the gift that I've prepared weeks ago at Nang Tina's store. This is my little surprise for Mama and I hope that in my own little way, I made her feel special and loved even when I'm so miles away from her. I LOVE YOU MAMA :) THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. MUAAAAHHUGZ¤

Monday, May 14, 2007

Counting my blessings

This is a tag from Joni. While having a snack earlier at the mall, I listed down the things/persons I consider as God's blessings in my life.
  1. Work/Career Family - I wrote down work/career as my top 1 blessing in my life but later on, I've realized that my family is my number 1 blessing in my life. There are a lot of homeless children out there needing a family. And I'm so lucky to have a GrandMom and a Mama who never abandoned me. They stood by me through thick and thin even until now. I'm so blessed to have them in my life. I actually consider them as my life.
  2. Friends - My top 2 blessing in my life is my circle of friends. From Elementary buddies to High School Barkada to College berks to church siblings, I'm so lucky to have them in my life. They are the kind of friends who stayed not only during my triumphs but also through tough times.
  3. Work/Career - This is my top 3 blessing. Why I consider it to be a blessing? First and foremost, through my work, I learned how to be independent (it's because I was assigned miles away from home). Second, I no longer depend on Mama for financial help. It's one of my greatest achievement, to earn moolah out of my own blood and sweat. Even though my earnings is not enough to feed my whole family, I'm still proud to say that once in a while, I send some cash to help pay the utilities at home.
  4. My new mobile phone - I'm happy for this new blessing :) It's actually a reason and a motivation for me to stay longer here. I'm definitely motivated, not just because of this new toy but because of blessing no. 5.
  5. Additional responsibility - Last week, we had a meeting with our Territory Manager, and one of the result of the meeting is an additional load to my job description. At first, I was hesitant considering all the responsibilities I have to do every day and reports to be submitted every month, I just couldn't handle all of them together. But then, I just couldn't resist this new responsibility. I'm so eager to learn how to do it and I know that I can do it if I stay optimistic. Doing payroll is a big responsibility and I'm so happy that they trust me. Yipee! :) I've gained everybody's trust already.

Now, I'm tagging Tina, Ace, Megan, Toni, Rona, Chin and Christian. Start counting your blessings and share it to us. :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Tribute to my Mom & GrandMom

I grew up with my Grandmom taking care of me. That's why our relatives and close friends are fond of calling me as a lola's girl. My Mama and Tatay got separated when I was three and I've been a witness to a civil war between my parents. They used to fought about my custody. Until the court decided that I should stay with my Mama. But the petty quarrels never stopped after the court decision. There would times that my Tatay would just suddenly appear at Mama's apartment and would take me with him somewhere. I can still remember I was alone playing, Mama and her boyfriend (yup, Mama lived with another man) went out. Tatay arrived and without even bothering to dress me up, he took me out to where he used to work. Almost all his co-workers are my godparents. There, they let me chose from a bag of toys. I was so happy then. Tatay took me home to Mama's apartment and he was so lucky because Mama and Tito weren't home yet. When Mama got home, she was surprised to see all my new set of toys *teeeheee* :)

Still the fight didn't cease. Until it reached the point that Mama doesn't want Tatay seeing me. She did everything to stop our communication, blocked all of Tatay's birthday and all other occassion cards. I was so bitter then when I found out about it ten years later when my father died. Yes, my father died when I was 13. And I haven't seen him for almost 10 years. There were a lot of questions bugging me. And I must admit, I really don't have a good relationship with my Mama eversince I was a kid. I used to hate her for having someone aside from my Tatay. Plus the idea that we don't live together in the same house. I lived with my GrandMom after the separation. But I've a scheduled day and time to be with my Mama because she's working and no one would take care of me if I live with her. I used to throw tantrums everytime I don't get what I want. I grew up being spoiled by Mama materially. I went to a prestigious school and almost every week, I have new toys. But that was not enough for me, I don't need all those material stuff, what I need is her company. That's when I started to move away from her. But hell yeah, I miss her so badly. Matampohin lang talaga ako.

I came from a broken family. But I was able to keep myself whole. And I owe everything to the ladies in my life. My Mama and my GrandMom. My light in the dark. My source of hope and strength. My life. Through thick and thin, they never gave up because they know that I look up to them. Despite all the crisis in our family, they managed to mold me from a spoiled brat into a fine young lady full of hopes and aspirations in life.
Now, everything is fine between me and Mama. She's not that expressive emotionally, that took me how many years to accept. I'm still struggling to build up an emotional bonding with my Mama by being expressive in letting her know and feel that I love her and GrandMom. This Mommy's Day, I asked a church friend to print the card that I've made and hand it to Mama and GrandMom during the 1st Mass together with a rose for each of them.

I am what I am today because of them. And I'm so blessed for having both of them in my life. They mean the world to me. To all the Moms out there, Happy Mommy's Day :)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Motivation from a tiny frog

I just received this forwarded e-mail. And I would like to share it to everyone :)

Once upon a time there was a bunch of tiny frogs who arranged a running competition. The goal was to reach the top of a very high tower. A big crowd had gathered around the tower to see the race and cheer on the contestants.
The race began. Honestly, no one in the crowd really believed that the tiny frogs would reach the top of the tower. You heard statements such as: "Oh, WAY too difficult!!" "They will NEVER make it to the top" or "Not a chance that they will succeed. The tower is too high!" The tiny frogs began collapsing. One by one....
Except for those, who in a fresh tempo, were climbing higher and higher. The crowd continued to yell, "It is too difficult!!! No one will make it!"

More tiny frogs got tired and gave up, but ONE continued higher and higher and higher. This one wouldn't give up! At the end everyone else had given up climbing the tower.

Except for the one tiny frog who, after a big effort, was the only one who reached the top! THEN all of the other tiny frogs naturally wanted to know how this one frog managed to do it? A contestant asked the tiny frog how he had found the strength to succeed and reach the goal? It turned out... That the winner was DEAF!!!!

The wisdom of this story is: Never listen to other people's tendencies to be negative or pessimistic.... because they take your most wonderful dreams and wishes away from you -- the ones you have in your heart! Always think of the power words have. Because everything you hear and read will affect your actions!
Therefore, ALWAYS BE POSITIVE! And above all: Be DEAF when people tell YOU that you cannot fulfill your dreams!

Always think: God and I can do this!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Date With Peter Parker

Yesterday, I was so lucky because upon arriving at the second floor of SM City Davao, the line for the movie tickets to Spiderman 3 wasn't that long. It just so happened that I arrived a little bit earlier. My original plan is to watch Miss Potter and Spiderman 3 during the weekends or when there would be less audiences so that I can fully enjoy the show. But thank God because there are a lot of vacant seats yesterday. Spiderman 3 occupied the five theaters of SM City Davao. That's the main reason why there are a lot of vacant seats.

I love the movie. It was actually my first time to watch this kind of movies in big screen. I am not a movie fanatic but the trailer convinced me to watch it. I learned a lot from it. And I really wanted to quote the last lines that Peter Parker said before the movie ended. But I couldn't remember the exact lines. All I could remember is that we ALWAYS have the choice. We can always choose between good and bad, right or wrong. The movie is all about choosing what is right and what is beneficial to our personal growth and development. It is also about accepting our faults and weaknesses and learning from them. And it also showed the real essence of true friendship.
I really would love to watch the movie again. Ü