Saturday, July 28, 2007

7 FACTS about ME

I seldom reply to memes. It's not that I'm too lazy to think about what to post (sometimes, hehehe) but I really don't have much time anymore. Well well, here's my reply Mich. :) Seven FACTS about yours truly.
  1. STRESS MAKES ME FAT. Yeah, it's true. The more I'm pressured, the more I eat. Even during school days, I always request Mama to buy some cookies & junk foods when I have exams & long quizzes. Munching while studying keeps me awake all night! :) hehehe...
  2. I'M TURNING 24 BUT I STILL LOVE WATCHING CARTOONS. I love watching The Powerpuff Girls, The Tom & Jerry Show, Spongebob and The Little Lulu Show. I also love to collect Piglet & Pooh stuffs.
  3. I AM AN UNICA HIJA. I'm an only child. Used to be a spoiled brat but somehow learned to accept the fact that I cannot have everything that I want to have.
  4. I AM A FRUSTRATED BUSINESS WOMAN. Super frustrated but still hopefull. I've been through a lot of different small businesses, but I failed. I do know the basics of bookkeeping and accounting. But I was just too lazy to account everything. My fault. So? I always end up with making tapal because I forgot where did I used some of my capital and even the profit. Nawala lang. Hehehe. It;'s either spent on worthless stuff or used it to pay some other debts.
  5. ASIDE FROM BEING AN UNICA HIJA, MY MOM IS ALSO AN UNICA HIJA. Yep. My Mama is also an only child. That makes my family so small, sa Mama's side.
  6. I LOVE VIOLET & PINK. Violet used to be my only favorite color before I met Ian. Ian is a friend who became a boyfriend but due to personal matters, the relationship went back to the same level, being just friends again. He love punk so much and he associates pink to the music genre. Pink is punk daw. hehehe. Ako nakikisabay rin, that's when I learned to love pink until now.
  7. I LOVE TO BE IN THE KITCHEN. Not because of eating, but because of baking. And now, I've learned to cook, I've been thinking of taking culinary arts in the near future. Matagal pa siguro, wala pa akong enough na ipon. Hehehe. I find happiness in cooking ;)

Now that I'm done, I'm tagging Trish, Megan, Rocelyn, Eunice, Dorsey, Nicole & Danielle. :) Have a happy weekend everyone! :)


michelle said...

hi jir'! i really appreciate your reply. :) long time no visit na gd ko sa blog mo ba. sorry gd. :) parehas ta gli unica hija.hehe take care and God bless!

eys^ said...

waaaaaaaaaaaa... namit mn gd kaon kon stressed ah or depressed... oral fixations is one way to cope with stress... ako amo man.. pero wala ko gatambok *pffft*