Friday, November 21, 2008

learning to let go on a friday...

A Friday is supposed to be a happy day for me since it's the last day of the work week (just for me because I have school during Saturdays). But this Friday is a very memorable one. A Friday full of disappointments and frustrations. A Friday full of stress and anxiety.

First and foremost, I woke up still sick. I woke up with a moderate headache, plus a very irritated and dry throat. Second, a trusted subordinate came in late for work 25 minutes late! And then the very last thing that I would expect to happen, my adopted sister's mobile phone stolen! And why would I be so disappointed? Well, fyi, the phone is soooooooo brand new. As in super brand new. And why am I so affected? I was the one who gave it to her for her birthday. It's actually one of the three phones I have received from Smart for subscribing to their TRIO Plan last Nov. 13, 2008. I have the two other phones shipped to Bacolod for my Mom and for my adopted sister whois also my cousin. Damn those pickpockets! I just can't help it. Sorry for cursing whoever that person was. I know that I have to let go and let nature take care of everything. I know karma will hit that person one day soon. I just can't let go. I just can't forgive that person. :( I can't blame my cousin 100% because I know she doesn't want it to happen. But then, if she only placed the phone in her bag and not in her pocket. I've forgiven her. She's so young to suffer the guilt feeling but I know that she have learned a very big lesson today. And that is to really take care of everything that she owns, be it hard earned or just given to her.

And here I am, still making myself feel better and constantly reminding myself that there will always be a rainbow after each storm.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Another new baby

Yeeep ;) Another new baby. Here he is, take a look at him.
I just received my first digital camera, a SAMSUNG S860. This is also the first item I bought at eBay. The first thing that I bought online. Online shopping can be so addictive. But I promised myself that this would be the first and last thing that I would buy online, for this year I guess (yes, I know ;), 2008 is already coming to an end... hehehe). I had a good deal with the seller, I actually saved almost two thousand bucks. Yep ;) That's the beauty of buying online, you can actually buy gadgets at a lower price.

I'm planning to make a photo blog. I already have the concept, but I'm still finalizing everything before publishing it to the World Wide Web. It's almost eleven in the evening, I think I need to rest now. I have a long day tomorrow. :)

Thank You =)

This may be a very late post. Soooo late. A lot of blogger friends noticed that lately, I'm not that regular in updating this journal. So sorry for the hiatus (which I didn't even declared). A lot of things happened lately. First there's the company reorganization. For the whole month of October, I undergone hands on training for the Inventory Control Officer position. Yes.. INVENTORY CONTROL OFFICER. A man's work. But I accepted it (as if I had a choice? hahaha). You might say it's a tough work. Yes, tough, but I like it. I just don't sit around the whole day facing my monitor. There's a big difference compared to my previous position, but I really love it and I'm enjoying every minute of my new work. Another is, a friend from Bacolod visited me here in Durian Republik. I tried my best to juggle everything: work, my mini-business, Rotaract, my birthday charity project and Midnight's Davao escapade. Good thing it's semestral break, atleast I have no assignments or presentations to worry for now. As of the moment, I'm still in the adjustment period with regard to my new work, I hope my avid readers (mayron ba? hehehe) would learn to be patient with me. I'll give my best to update this blog atleast once or twice a week. School will start again next Saturday, November 15, and now, I'm actually floating, wondering how will I ever get through. I believe I can. I just need some time to relax. A relaxed mind, sould and body can work more efficiently and effectively, right? :)

Now going back to what I really wanted to say (as what my blog title says)I, want to thank everyone who took part in my 25th Birthday Charity Project. Thank you for those who shared their blessings most especially to my 25 Silver Sponsors. I haven't even updated my previous post, as you can see, there's one slot with no name. And that slot is for National Bookstore Foundation Inc. I really can't believe that they were able to grant my small birthday wish. They actually gave 30 pieces children's books. Thank you thank you NBSFI :)

A big thank you to my employer, Waffle Time Inc., for the mascot and the waffles as well. And thank you to everyone who shared their blessings. Thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart. God bless you all for sharing c",)

Here is the complete list of my 25 Silver Sponsors. And the pictures can be viewed in my Picasa web album (special thanks to Ate Rhodilee for being my photographer during the event...hehehe.. sa uulitin ate).

1. Kristina Marie Suelto
2. Waffle Time Inc.
3. John Robert Planta
4. Joni Ang
5. DRR Mark Ryan Arquiza (Rotaract District 3860)
6. Pres. Arthur George Lui (Rotaract Club of Munting Pag-asa, District 3860)
7. Rotaract Club of Munting Pag-asa, District 3860
8. Ester
9. Joyce L. Gonzaga
10. Darlene Suelto
11. Rhodilee Jean Dolor
12. Cendy Marie Torrefranca
13. Ms. Ma. Julieta "Tisay" Torres - President, Rotary Club of Pag-asa Davao
14. Almund Liu (Arthur's brother)
15. a friend from USLS SG batch 2004 :D
16. Ella Evangelista
17. Ace ViƱarta
18. Tina Ruste
19. Esthella Mae Hondos
20. Jenny G. Tai
21. Ate Vina
22. Sheila Mae Ayala and Dimple May Parada
23. Janice Tarongoy
24. National Bookstore Foundation Inc.
25. Joseph Casuyon