Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November bliss

I just realized that November is coming to an end in the next few days and I haven't even posted even just once this month. A lot of things happened actually and to sum all of these things in one post is not enough. I'll try to do so.
I'm officially a student again. I started my first day at Graduate School last November 17. I met my Professor and my new classmates for our first term or our first subject for the semester. What I like about my current school is that the subjects are taken per term not like in the traditional term, all three subjects are being taken up by the students simultaneously. It's actually five Saturdays per subject. We cannot proceed to another subject if we can't finish the first one. It's really an opportunity for us to focus on each of our subjects. So this is one way of getting good grades in Graduate School. Good luck to me. hehehe :D
Our first subject for the semester is Applied Business Research. Research is one boring subject for me. But not until we had our first two groups of reporters. From their report, I was able to grasp the real meaning of research. And I'm kinda excited of doing my own research study in the near future.
I'm so busy. Although nothing is new since I'm always busy even before I went back to school. But I became busier with my new work schedule. Almost 10 hours of work everyday (it's actually 8am-6:30pm EVERYDAY) and then the whole Saturday would be spent at school. Sunday is my only rest day but I just couldn't rest! :( I have to meet my groupmates for our reporting this coming December 1 and 8. I have to bear with this set-up after all, this is what I really want. I just have to remind myself that sacrifice is always equals to sweet success. And NO ONE OR NOTHING CAN EVER STOP ME FROM FULFILLING ALL OF MY DREAMS.