Thursday, October 18, 2007

Launching of new FOMs on my Natal Day

I just turned 24 yesterday and it was the most memorable birthday I’ve ever had in my 24 years of existence. I would like to enumerate the reasons why:

  • First, family, relatives, coworkers and friends both from the other parts of the country and also those who are currently working overseas sent greetings thru text messages, friendster, multiply and e-mail. I am really happy because one friend who’s currently working at Dubai called. I admit I really miss Kitch. She’s a friend, a neighbor, a classmate, a business partner and a college barkada rolled into one. I’m really, really happy she called because I’ve been waiting for her to send me updates with what’s happening in her life now that she’s working in a foreign country. And another special greeting I’ve received yesterday that really made my heart leap is an e-card from my big boss and his wife. The two are currently on a vacation outside of the country but they still managed to send me a birthday greetings across the miles. Such a heartwarming gift for my birthday. Thank you so much for remembering me :D
  • Second, coworkers helped me organized and prepare my birthday dinner for everyone. I was on a tight budget but thank God a lot of them volunteered to cook. So each one of us enjoyed the night, busog na busog. *wink*
  • Third, on my natal day, I finally decided to join the DXN family. I really felt so welcomed and accommodated and guess what? They have prepared a surprise for me! They’ve compiled and wrote all their birthday greetings in two pieces of special paper prepared by my lovely friend Tina. (And by the way Tin, I know you’ll be reading this one, thank you so much for the book. Wuv u! :D) I was inspired by your birthday greetings. Rest assured, I’ll continue to help you serve more people. At your service po ;)
  • Fourth, my Mama and Lola called soooo early in the morning. Happy happy me :D I miss my Mama and Lola. So much. (Yey! Lapit na lang December! Hehehe)
  • Fifth, on my 24th birthday, our area launched our new Flavors of the Month. All FOMs belong under the sweet fillings category. The two new FOMs are Bavarian Cream and Choc Nut. Bavarian Cream is a yellow and creamy vanilla filling. I know some of you have tried it already because some donut companies have this kind of filling, but I suggest you try it with a waffle. It’s yummy! :D Choc Nut is a medium brown and paste-like filling with sweet, nutty and chocolatey taste from roasted peanuts and chocolates. This one taste like peanut butter but you can really taste the nuts. So what else are you waiting for? Go to the nearest Waffle Time outlets and grab one of our FOMs. :D

Yummilicious Bavarian Cream ;)

Chocolatey Choc Nut :D

Before I end this birthday post, I would like to thank our dear Creator for all the blessings I’ve received. Thank you for not giving up on me dear God. Thank you for everything.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Birthday Project 2007

Last October 13, 2007, I once again celebrated (in advance) my birthday with the kids from Paginhawaan Drop In Center. This birthday project started last year when out of boredom, I just thought of doing a charity work for my birthday. I really just want to share my blessings. But the project would not be possible without the help of my friends who generously shared their blessings too. It was a success. Thanks to everyone who helped financially and also to those who volunteered to help with the program and games :) Special mention to my DXN friends headed by my lovely new found friend Tina and also to Janice and Leah who also assisted me :) Muchas gracias to all my friends, Joseph, Junnel, Cookie, Maebelle, Poochie and Queenie. Without these persons, the event would not be a success. Pictures can be viewed here and also here.
Before ending the program, I asked the kids to write a simple message to my friends who sponsored my birthday project. Here are the mini letters which I scanned earlier this morning.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing your blessings with these unfortunate kids. Sa uulitin! ;) God bless us all :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Name Means...

This is not a meme post but I got the idea from Joni. Eversince I was in grade school, I've learned that my first name JIREH means God of Provider or The Lord will provide (Jehovah-Jireh). It came from the Holy Bible. I followed what Joni did, I also looked up the hidden meaning of my name through this site. Now here is what I've learned:
Emotional and artistic you have enormous energy and creativity although a rather serious approach to life. Through your own experiences you have learned to be understanding and compassionate towards others and always willing to help out. You are courageous, independent and strong willed with a desire to use your talents in progressive projects which will benefit mankind.
Well... It's actually true. I am emotional. I am indeed artistic but sometimes does not know how to show it. I really do have a serious approach to life. I am compassionate? I don't know. Maybe I am. Teehee :D I am indeed strong willed and I have been using my skills and talents to serve God through His people. I want to be God's instrument of peace and love. I am not that independent in life, but I'm doing my best to become one someday, independent emotionally, financially and physically ;) I am courageous, a risk taker. My name really defines me. And I'm very proud to have such a lovely name. How about you? :)


my current favorite :) LSS..

Monday, October 01, 2007

Non-stop shower of blessings :)

My last day of September was a very memorable day for me. Why? Because unexpected blessing came just when I really need it the most. Last Saturday, I asked permission from my boss if it would be okay for her if I'll spend New Year at home. I promised to finish all my reports before going home and to be back by January 2, 2008. Thank God she allowed me. Now my dilemma started when I was starting to canvass for my plane ticket. There are available low rate fare but booking is good for three days only and if I can't pay on the deadline, then my reservation will be forfeited. As of yesterday, I was totally broke. I do have my savings but all of it were invested in my mini loan business. Mini because the capital was small but at least it helped 4 striving people. I offered a loan to my four friends with a minimum interest for a month. I was actually helping them get out of a credit with a very high interest rate. Presyong kaibigan ;) But I on the other hand was left with nothing. As in nothing. Tanga ako minsan! :( I searched for help from my high school barkada but to my dismay, most of them have already closed their credit cards and one do have cash to lend me but she's on a very tight schedule and can't spare some time to send me the money. Last resort was to loan from a friend but for a lower interest rate since I'm going to return the money after 5 days. I was able to negotiate with the lender. Now I feel a little bit secured. I can buy my ticket going to Cebu (I'm gonna take the bus going to Bacolod na lang) the following day. But I was still bothered with the thought that I do have the money but never left anything for my emergency use. Asa man ang utak mo jai man??? I attended the Sunday Mass but I felt guilty for not paying attention because my thoughts were really flying high.

After attending the Sunday mass, I met up with two of my housemates at the mall. Just when I arrived at our outlet, I received a text message from my Auntie (my father's sister). She informed me that she's going to deposit my money on Monday (which is today). The money my Auntie was talking about is my profit after the harvest of our rice crop. This cropping season, it's my father's turn to make use of their family's land for business. Since my father passed away, the profit from the rice crop is handed over to me. Ako ang taga pagmana eh ;) hehehe.. Feeling mayaman. I thought matagal pa ang pag-ani ng palay, d ko alam naka-ani na pala sila. I hurriedly texted my friend that I would cancel the loan. I really feel blessed. God must have heard my prayer. And I bet Tatay convinced God to help me. Thank you so much Tatay! :)

I really believe in the power of giving and sharing. When you give, it will always come back a hundred fold. And in God's time, you will always receive what is due for you. I know I'm blessed because I know how to share, but syempre, I also know how to keep some for my future. Lesson learned. Always set aside a small amount for emergency use. Save save save for the rainy days! ;)