Wednesday, May 21, 2003

here i am in an internet cafe again! =( bad... i just wish that they had already finished fixing my monitor... im off to guimaras tomorrow! yehey! anywayz, im waiting for tanisha here at surfing moo. she's going to lend me her batik for me to use for the guimaras raid... i have to go.. kad2 ko kay matt sa webcafe! hehehehe...

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

its 1:45pm already... =( i feel sleepy. i'm surfing for a shareware project management tool which is similar to MS Project 2002. I finally found one... I have to go back to work...Ü

Monday, May 19, 2003

back to losing weight again... whew! its very tiring but i have to... no pain no gain pa kno hambal nila... hehehehe.... here i am, sa cafe na naman... i went to Jega Byte just this afternoon, but they haven't finished fixing up my monitor. I still have to wait for tomorrow. Anywayz, Midnight offered to drive for me this afternoon... I'm very thankful she offered its because its raining and i really hate it when i have to go to many places with the rain pouring down so hard... its past 7, i think i have to go home na... til tomorrow...Ü
it hurts! i haven't posted for how many days?? hmmm... for two days! =( very bad! I have tried to bring my cpu to my cousin at BCG. What they have discovered is that my pc's memory went loose... hehehehe... and then the tech cleaned the different specs of my pc. What's great is that she handled the cleaning and check up costs (wehehehehe ;> )...
I brought my monitor at Jega Byte (this is where i have my bought my pc 2 years ago) and tried to ask Bobby (one of my pc's techies) what's wrong with my video card or with my monitor... After 5 minutes of trying to get my monitor to work, they have discovered that there's something wrong with the power supply. There's a part needed to be changed because it's not working anymore. Ouch! It will more or less cost 500 bucks! =( whew! 50% of my salary for the Typing Master class... anywayz... it doesn't even include the service charge... tsk tsk tsk...
Im pretty much excited, 3 more sleep and then I'm off to Guimaras for the Guimaras Raid, an activity organized by NYE... Midnight will be dropping by around 3pm and then we will go to Neg Rep for the registration. I have to go back to work... Ü

Friday, May 16, 2003

here i am... in an internet cafe! =( very bad... bwas ko pa makwa akon pc... anywayz.. boring day! super boring... i have to go... i need to go home before 7:30pm... bye! Ü

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

its green day! lolz..but i received only 30% of my allowance for facilitating the Typing Master class, pero its ok, atleast may ara... ehehehehe.. i bought ice cream for my granny... i know she loves to eat ice cream as much as i do.Ü
anywayz, tomorrow will be the last day of my class, i'm gonna miss Lope for sure... He's the youngest of the 4 students i have in my Typing Master class... Such a cute boy, very makulit! As for the moment, i've been trying to figure out what would be the best gift to give to my mom on her birthday...Ü i'll try to be back again later.. kung indi ko matulogan... hehehehe.. last nyt, natulogan ko... with my pc and the lights inside my mom's room on... hehehehe... lapyo gd gro..Ü

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

great day! =) la lang... i just feel happy because i have done something beyond my expectations...Ü i have finished the background lay-out for the Real Property Tax Assessment Software developed by VaST for the city of La Carlota (imagine?!? ako toh nagdesign?!?) wierd! ehehehehe.. anywayz, Midnight dropped by the office just this afternoon.. I accompanied her to Robinson's because she wants to buy something for Mimi, her bestfriend, who will be having her birthday this coming friday (Mimi and my mom's birthday falls on the same date). We hang out for a short while at Negros Republik. The posters for the Guimaras Raid are ready for posting.. hehehe... i like the poster, simple yet very inviting to the eyes...Ü i'll try to be back later, i really feel hot, i think i need to have a long, cold shower...Ü

Monday, May 12, 2003

nothing much... went out with carlo ed, one of my barkada this afternoon (treat ko siya gna sa jamaican!)... whehehehe... wala lng... he oftentimes buys me ice cream and sometimes when he's got enough money, ginapanyagahan nya ko... hehehehe... anywayz.. i still have something to do, gtg! nytz!Ü
it's monday...Ü a great day to start anew. Too bad, i woke up late already, i was planning to attend a 7am mass at the USLS chapel. I haven't serve yesterday, and that means, i have missed one Sunday mass. =(
Ate lunch at school, with my barkada as usual. I just realized that this would be the last week that i'll be having lunch with them because by Friday, summer class is over. Well, i'm used to eating alone but what i will miss is the fun of having them around, trying hard to screw up my day by picking jokes on me. hehehehe... I still have work to do right now, i guess i'll be back this evening...Ü

Sunday, May 11, 2003

nothing much... i just laid in bed all day trying to figure out my life...Ü

Saturday, May 10, 2003

holy shit!!! la lng... i need to figure out something... ?!?

Friday, May 09, 2003

I'm very happy that tita nids' operation went smoothly. I dropped by the hospital around 6:30 because it took me almost 2 hours just trying to attach the files to my email so that I can download them here... anyways... Cookie, Junnel, Maica, Sean and RR were there. I have to go... Im not in the mood actually... A lot of questions are presently bugging my mind... ?!?
Don't mind me... Im quite ok... Nytz!Ü
Tita Nida is currently undergoing an operation (it was discovered that she has a 'mayuma' and diabetes).. the operation will last for one hour and thirty minutes as what Nimalyn told me earlier this morning at the hospital. I decided to drop by there before reporting to the office. I just wanted to let Tita Nida feel that I care for her (she's like a mother to all of us!)... I'll be going again there this afternoon... Jake will be there too...
Its 10am, and i have started to continue my work but i just can't concentrate with my job... =(
I want to be alone... I need some time for myself, I guess... I've been keeping in touch with myself lately but I just can't! What's wrong with me?!? Can somebody tell me pls?.. I really need to do my stuff here... I'll do my best to 'concentrate' and .... i dunno.... i'll be back later...

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Great day! I went to lasalle to join my barkada for lunch... I always love having my lunch with rr and carlo because they always make me laugh... i'm just happy being with my barkada... and i really love being with them always... there's just the feeling of contentness and happiness that i just can't explain..Ü
I also received a bad news from rr, nimalyn's mom (his girlfriend and one of my barkada too) have been admitted in the hospital. I've decided to visit tita nids after my work but Maebelle fetched me at the office and she wanted me to accompany her to find a new mobile phone. She wanted to buy a new phone. Actually, Vincent (a VB instructor @ VaST), went with us... We had a great time sharing our ideas and oftentimes arguing... but thats normal...Ü
I still have to call Vincent... but before i forget, the yearbook (USLS) Editor in Chief texted me just this morning. There will be a meeting on May 10, 2pm... He told me to bring ballpen and to be on time... There will be an examination i think...
Anyways... I really have to go... Nyt!Ü God bless...Ü

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

hmmmm... not a good day =( Headache striked me while i was on my way to the office, and then a little later, ACID! whew! I swear! I'll minimize drinking softdrinks... I decided to rest for awhile but i didn't go back home, I went to my tito santi's house at villamonte. I ate my breakfast there (I haven't eaten my breakfast, maybe that's one perfect answer why my acid visited me again!)... and then texted Poi that I'm not feeling well. I rested for a while, watched cartoons (cartoon network! lolz).
Anywayz... I really dont have so much to share this night and i feel sleepy already... I really need to rest...
Gud nyt! God bless..Ü

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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

=( daw matulog na ko! i really feel tired... first day of facilitating.... hmmmm... not bad! its fun facilitating especially if all your students are still 'kids' (la ko yah gapangkeds ha? hehehehehe). Four students were enrolled in my class, two boys and two girls, they were brothers and sisters.... at first i felt uneasy and uncomfortable. But after introducing myself and letting them speak something about theirselves, the uneasiness started to drift away. The eldest of the four siblings is a boy,named Lester , who just graduated from highschool, followed by two girls, Lace and Lori and then the youngest is also a boy named Lope... (I just noticed... all of their names start with the letter L)... I had so much fun being with them.
I feel sticky and dirty... I need to take a shower to refresh myself and then sleep! hehehehe.... With regard to the cookies... no bad comments... and Poi's only comment: 'bitin!'... That is a good comment which I think I should take into consideration... I should always remember that everytime I cook or bake something for Poi, dapat sobra² para masatisfy gid sya! hehehehe...
gotta go... Nyt²!!Ü

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gooooood morning! =) i just feel happy... today is May 6... hmmmmm.... Jake's birthday! Due to sleepy eyes and tired feet, I haven't texted him at exactly 12mn... Too bad... I'm not the first one to greet him HaPpy BdAy NeGrO!!! hehehehehe.... I love calling him with that term... it may sound 'suya' to somebody, but it is my only way to 'angga' him... He oftentimes calls me 'baboy'... pero ok lang... =) ako man na! lolz... I've been trying to lose weight, trying to go back to the ideal weight I had... the one which I had way back when my 2nd bf left me (that's not bad at all! it's advantage to my part, just never mind the crying session! hehehehehe)...
Its already 7:45 and I still have not taken a bath. I woke up around 5:30 just to bake the cookies that I promised myself to share with the people at VaST. I've already finished baking and packing them, the cookies are ready to go. But i'm not that satisfied with the taste of my cookies... it taste 'salty' but our helper tried to convince me that it taste good =(... bal-an ta lang na karon... kung suyaan ko ni Poi, laban gid na nga nd nami akon paghimo... (wish me luck!!)
I almost forgot, this afternoon, I will start my first three hours of 'teaching'.... waaaaaaaah.... (ako? matudlo?) I won't necessarily teach, I'll just facilitate... There will be three students in my class, all of them are kids! That's a big NO PROBLEM with me! hehehehehe... I know how to handle kids (ako pa! sa pagkabata bata ko, d ko pa na makaya?)... Til here na lang.. I have to prepare and its almost 8am... I'll be leaving home by 8:20 so that I'll arrive 10mins earlier... God bless!Ü

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Monday, May 05, 2003

i really feel tired and exhausted... i'll just bake the cookies tomorrow morning, and that means i have to wake up early... anyways... i need a rest!!! byerz!!! nyt²!!!Ü
I feel tired... :( i have to unwind a little... chat a little and then later, i'll bake some cookies. I've planned to bake my specialty, oatmeal cookies, and then bring some tomorrow at the office... La lang... I just feel like baking and sharing...Ü
I came home late already, I still dropped by at the courtyard, meet Stuffy and Poi... Stuffy was supposed to borrow Alvin's book on Adobe but I'm still using it as my reference because I am not yet through with the task given to me by Sir Jojo and Sir Felix, (and I still have to ask for Alvin's permission if Stuffy could borrow his book...) I was supposed to develop a manual for a software but I end up very meticulous with the screenshots.... hehehehe....
Anywayz, Poi is home and I just wish he will report to the office tomorrow... La lang... hehehehe... but he dropped by the office earlier this afternoon (maybe because Sir Marc asked him to do so) and then he gave me a necklace imported, take note... imported.. whehehehehe.... from boracay... hehehehe... tnx Poi!Ü
I'll be back later... (kung nd ko malipat! kag kung ok pa ang koneksyon karn)... i'll have my shower na because I feel sticky and I want to refresh before I proceed to my baking session... God bless!Ü

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Sunday, May 04, 2003

good morning! its sunday once again, my mom woke me up and gave me my three weeks allowance and the payment for the telephone bill... they have to go back to Tuguegarao i think, for business purposes but what i hate is the fact that my cousin went with them. Who should I blame? I have work to do and I dont want to go either. I'd rather stay here and chat all day... ehehehe... anyways, its already 9am and I'm still waiting for my grandma to come home from the market (actually, im waiting for my breakfast! ehehehe)... I asked my grandma if she could buy me something to eat from jollibee because i miss the breakfast meal already.
My mind's a little bit confused right now... I have finished downloading the song by Blue and Elton John (Sorry seems to be the hardest word) last night, in fact I even played it while chatting with my angel (?!?)... The moment i woke up, i turn on my pc and then run my Kazaa and search for the song, but it was nowhere to be found :( It practically means that I have to download again :(
Its way past 9am already... i just leave my pc standby for the moment while downloading... I'll just take a bath and then maybe I'll drop by the church (I've decided to serve during the 6pm mass)... I just miss some of my friends who are serving in the 10am schedule... Gtg...Ü God bless!

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Saturday, May 03, 2003

grrrr!!! i wasnt able to post yesterday :( it was because of my stupid internet connection! anywayz... i still have to finish the layout of my homepage and then, i will also add a page for blog and start all over again. new life huh? ehehehe... its lunch time, gtg... God bless...Ü

Thursday, May 01, 2003

hey! i had fun sa birthday party ni ram²... as usual, busog naman... ehehehehe... i have work naman tomorrow and i think i have to rest na.... cge! :) nyt!! God bless everyone!Ü
its Labor day and i have no work! yeepee!!! hehehehe... its actually ram²'s birthday, and kitch, maebelle, jake and me of course will go to her house later this afternoon (tsibog naman!) hehehehe.... its bad that lyn² can't make it, she's got chickenpox! pero paayo na xa... anyways, i have to go by now... i'll be back laterÜ God bless...