Tuesday, May 06, 2003

=( daw matulog na ko! i really feel tired... first day of facilitating.... hmmmm... not bad! its fun facilitating especially if all your students are still 'kids' (la ko yah gapangkeds ha? hehehehehe). Four students were enrolled in my class, two boys and two girls, they were brothers and sisters.... at first i felt uneasy and uncomfortable. But after introducing myself and letting them speak something about theirselves, the uneasiness started to drift away. The eldest of the four siblings is a boy,named Lester , who just graduated from highschool, followed by two girls, Lace and Lori and then the youngest is also a boy named Lope... (I just noticed... all of their names start with the letter L)... I had so much fun being with them.
I feel sticky and dirty... I need to take a shower to refresh myself and then sleep! hehehehe.... With regard to the cookies... no bad comments... and Poi's only comment: 'bitin!'... That is a good comment which I think I should take into consideration... I should always remember that everytime I cook or bake something for Poi, dapat sobra² para masatisfy gid sya! hehehehe...
gotta go... Nyt²!!Ü

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