Sunday, May 04, 2003

good morning! its sunday once again, my mom woke me up and gave me my three weeks allowance and the payment for the telephone bill... they have to go back to Tuguegarao i think, for business purposes but what i hate is the fact that my cousin went with them. Who should I blame? I have work to do and I dont want to go either. I'd rather stay here and chat all day... ehehehe... anyways, its already 9am and I'm still waiting for my grandma to come home from the market (actually, im waiting for my breakfast! ehehehe)... I asked my grandma if she could buy me something to eat from jollibee because i miss the breakfast meal already.
My mind's a little bit confused right now... I have finished downloading the song by Blue and Elton John (Sorry seems to be the hardest word) last night, in fact I even played it while chatting with my angel (?!?)... The moment i woke up, i turn on my pc and then run my Kazaa and search for the song, but it was nowhere to be found :( It practically means that I have to download again :(
Its way past 9am already... i just leave my pc standby for the moment while downloading... I'll just take a bath and then maybe I'll drop by the church (I've decided to serve during the 6pm mass)... I just miss some of my friends who are serving in the 10am schedule... Gtg...Ü God bless!

**now playing - Jealous.mp3 by Nina

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