Tuesday, May 13, 2003

great day! =) la lang... i just feel happy because i have done something beyond my expectations...Ü i have finished the background lay-out for the Real Property Tax Assessment Software developed by VaST for the city of La Carlota (imagine?!? ako toh nagdesign?!?) wierd! ehehehehe.. anywayz, Midnight dropped by the office just this afternoon.. I accompanied her to Robinson's because she wants to buy something for Mimi, her bestfriend, who will be having her birthday this coming friday (Mimi and my mom's birthday falls on the same date). We hang out for a short while at Negros Republik. The posters for the Guimaras Raid are ready for posting.. hehehe... i like the poster, simple yet very inviting to the eyes...Ü i'll try to be back later, i really feel hot, i think i need to have a long, cold shower...Ü

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