Tuesday, May 06, 2003

gooooood morning! =) i just feel happy... today is May 6... hmmmmm.... Jake's birthday! Due to sleepy eyes and tired feet, I haven't texted him at exactly 12mn... Too bad... I'm not the first one to greet him HaPpy BdAy NeGrO!!! hehehehehe.... I love calling him with that term... it may sound 'suya' to somebody, but it is my only way to 'angga' him... He oftentimes calls me 'baboy'... pero ok lang... =) ako man na! lolz... I've been trying to lose weight, trying to go back to the ideal weight I had... the one which I had way back when my 2nd bf left me (that's not bad at all! it's advantage to my part, just never mind the crying session! hehehehehe)...
Its already 7:45 and I still have not taken a bath. I woke up around 5:30 just to bake the cookies that I promised myself to share with the people at VaST. I've already finished baking and packing them, the cookies are ready to go. But i'm not that satisfied with the taste of my cookies... it taste 'salty' but our helper tried to convince me that it taste good =(... bal-an ta lang na karon... kung suyaan ko ni Poi, laban gid na nga nd nami akon paghimo... (wish me luck!!)
I almost forgot, this afternoon, I will start my first three hours of 'teaching'.... waaaaaaaah.... (ako? matudlo?) I won't necessarily teach, I'll just facilitate... There will be three students in my class, all of them are kids! That's a big NO PROBLEM with me! hehehehehe... I know how to handle kids (ako pa! sa pagkabata bata ko, d ko pa na makaya?)... Til here na lang.. I have to prepare and its almost 8am... I'll be leaving home by 8:20 so that I'll arrive 10mins earlier... God bless!Ü

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