Thursday, March 13, 2008

Are you a person of integrity?

Eversince I went back to school for my Masters, I never had the chance to update my blog. Yes, I do have spare time, but honestly, I was plain TAMAD.

I really want to blog about the recent emotional turmoil I had undergone. It's all about our research paper which is a requirement for one of our subject, MBA101 or Applied Business Research.

First and foremost, I admit, I really love to procrastinate. I love pressure. I work best when I'm pressured. But when I started my MBA, I promised to myself that I'll avoid procrastination. So there I was, a very perfectionist lady, trying so hard to encourage my group mates to work on a reporting or project ahead of time to solve upcoming problems easily. But it was so hard, I can't make my group mates give their full participation because they always have excuses of being so busy. Yes, excuses. Because I believe that if one really wants to work on something, he/she will really find time for it no matter how busy he/she is. So to make the long story short, we started late with our research paper.
And here enters another problem, my company's CEO declined our research proposal. So group mate number 1 (we're three in a group, we used to be four but one dropped all her MBA units) called our subject adviser informing him of our dilemma. And guess what, this adviser ADVISED my groupmate to let someone do our research. So since that someone will work hard for it, he will be paid for Php5,000.00 . Imagine, our own subject professor, pushing us to pay for our research paper. Marami pa ba sila????Kaya di umaasenso ang Pilipinas dahil sa mga taong katulad nya.
I told my group mates that I really don't want to pay. I told him I'll find ways. So I asked Tina if her mom would allow us to conduct a simple research study in their company. Luckily, Tita Neneng said yes and there I was again, high in spirit (parang nabuhayan), eager to start again not minding the little time that is left for us to work. I believe that if we work together, no matter how short the time is, I really know that we can finish it on time. So I called my group mates asking them if we could meet last night to formulate again the specific objectives and the questions for the questionnaire. Group mate number 2 was really busy now, she would be free on Friday, so she advised me to call group mate number 1 to help me do what is needed to be done for the meantime. I’ve sent an SMS to groupmate number 1 telling him that we should meet A.S.A.P. I got no response for almost an hour. It made me feel terribly bad. How could he be so passive when there’s still hope? He replied to my SMS telling me he’s having a headache due to thinking of what to do with the little time that we have. So I replied telling him that everything’s okay and that we just need to formulate the specific objectives and the questions. And guess what he replied to my SMS. “Let’s just wait for group mate number 2.” MY gulay!! Na-unsa ka man dong? Grrrrr… We have so little time left but he still can afford to waste it. Without hesitations, I prepared an SMS message for our bigboss, our company’s president, asking him for the last time if there’s still a chance for our project proposal. At first, I’m scared to send the SMS which I’ve composed. But then I told myself that there’s no really harm in trying. Hindi naman siguro ako masususpend or materminate dahil lang sa pagtatanong. It was the last thing that I have to do for my group mates to accept that the company’s chief head declined our proposal (if ever na d na talaga kami bibigyan ng chance). I don’t want to pay for a simple research paper. I’ve got a feeling that group mate number 1 is giving in to the temptation of paying someone to do our research paper. I'd rather have a 76 for hard worked research paper than a 91 for a PAID one. I'd rather drop the subject and take it again next semester and do the research on my own.

Going back to my suicidal SMS message to our company’s president, I already got a feedback earlier this morning. And I’m so happy because he already gave us permission to conduct the research study. God never fails to amaze me. He really loves to give me surprises.

And by the way, some classmates admitted that they paid someone to do the research for them. Tsk tsk tsk.. Bad :(

And another, there are also paid services for a thesis paper. I can’t imagine myself passing my MBA with a PAID thesis paper. No. Never. I will live up to what I believe is morally right.