Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cash or Credit Cards?

Have you been purchasing lately using your credit cards? I used to swipe everytime I need to buy something. But now, I can’t. All my cards are still okay. But all of them are fully maximized. Quite scary right? Yes it’s scary. Credit card billings are really scary if you don't have to pay. But being scared is not the solution to the problem. The best thing that I must do right now is to slowly pay these cards and cut some of them.

Credit cards are not that scary if you know how to responsibly use them. They are powerful tools in leveraging your income. Cash is good but credit cards are better. But just be responsible.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Calling all DAVAO BASED friends, even the ones abroad and the ones not affected by the typhoon, pakapalan na ng mukha ito, maniningil ako ng birthday gift sana in the form of goods, old clothes, blankets, water and other basic needs for the victims of Ondoy. Ok lang kung isang box as in box like small box of milk or 1 small pack of diapers or 1 old blanket... KAHIT ANO NA PWEDE PANG MAPAKINABANGAN NG MGA HOMELESS ONDOY VICTIMS... NO DONATION IS BIG OR SMALL (quoting my friend Dahlgren). Any donation will definitely go a long way.

For DAVAO BASED friends, drop off point of the donation will be posted tomorrow, will still need to check kung saan pwedeng gawin na drop off point..

For those who will send cash, i'll be buying for you guys the goods which I think is badly needed as of the moment.

I'll be sending the items to our sisterclub, Rotaract Club of Manila (http://www.rotaractmanila.org), who will be distributing the goods to the victims...

Would prefer to receive the following:

* milk
* water
* canned goods
* rice
* diapers
* blankets
* old clothes preferably for babies and kids
* noodles
* soaps
* shampoos
* sanitary napkins


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Homemade Facial Treatment : Green Tea

Before I resorted to Nizoral AD Shampoo, I experimented on the wonders of green tea. This is another homemade facial and hair treatment, but sad to say, it wasn’t that effective with me. It’s probably because I don’t drink that much in a day. I don’t like drinking tea as much as I like drinking coffee. But I tried and even until now, still trying to love green tea. Green tea is a good source of anti-oxidaants. Aside from drinking it, it can be applied topically to the face. Both ways can help reduce the inflammation or the redness of the face due to acnes. Green tea is another affordable homemade facial treatment. And oh, before I forget, green tea can also a remedy for dandruff.

Green tea is not only good for those who want to slim down. I believe that it can be an effective cure for pimples and even for dandruff. I tried to rub the used tea bag on my face and even tried to open the tea bag and made use of the moist leaves as a facial mask. After half an hour, the redness on my face reduced and I feel refreshed. Just make sure to wash your face with your usual facial wash after doing the facial mask. I also tried to boil the tea bag and instead of drinking the tea, I poured it over my head and let it stay for a while, like around 15 minutes. After that I shampooed and hair conditioned my hair. The itchiness on my scalp due to dandruff lessened but because my dandruff was on its severe stage, I opted to seek help from Nizoral.
This maybe another homemade facial and scalp treatment, but I believe this will work on everybody just as long as he or she learns to love drinking this type of tea. This will not also help in detoxifying our body, a warm cup of this drink would help us relax our mind and lessen stress. I would like to recommend this homemade facial and scalp treatment to everybody. =)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dandruff: Causes and Remedies

I've been battling with this scalp problem since my high school days. Dandruff is really annoying. It does not only gives you an itchy scalp but it also decreases your self-confidence because of the white flakes that would often time be seen on your shoulders especially if you're wearing dark colored tops. Dandruff makes me uncomfortable and sometimes, miserable.

What causes dandruff? Dandruff is actually normal. Dandruff or also known as scurf, is the shedding of dead skin on the scalp. Excessive flaking of the scalp and itchiness would be a reason for anyone to consult a physician or better yet, try some remedies to treat it. According to this website, dandruff can be the result of overactive oil glands, food allergies, STRESS, excessive perspiration or harsh shampoos. That's why before trying on some remedies, one should identify first what really is the cause of his or her itchy scalp.

I can't remember since when have I been searching for the perfect remedy for my scalp problem. I even tried this Kraft Miracle Whip Hair Treatment. This KMW hair treatment worked for only a short period. My dandruff problem returned again. I've tried a lot of dandruff home remedies. But there's only one anti-dandruff shampoo that works for me eversince I can't remember. The only one thing that holds me back from buying this shampoo is it's PRICE. Yes. It's way too expensive. But this past few weeks, I'm starting to lose my self-confidence. Dandruff flakes all over my shoulders makes me want to hide inside my bag. It's too embarrasing. Really. I have no other choice but to slash off a small portion of my savings and bought this expensive Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. And after two shampoo sessions, I now feel like my scalp is starting to breathe fresh air! Haha! :) And oh by the way, when using Nizoral Maximum Treatment, it's too strong for the scalp and the hair as well, so it's not advisable to use it daily. Twice a week can already help diminish those fungi and other bacterias that helps on cultivating dandruff flakes.

I realized lately that dandruff is also a pain in the pocket. It will cost you so much if your skin is too sensitive. There a lot of shampoos for dandruff, but not all are good in treating this scalp problem. That's why one should always be careful in choosing the right shampoo. One should also watch his or her diet because wrong food intake can aggravate dandruff. And when feeling so stressed, then maybe it's time to unwind and relax :) Give your body a rest because it's the temple of your soul. >Ü<

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tomatoes for Pimples :)

Yep. You've read it right. Tomatoes are really good for soothing painful acne. That was weeks ago when I started searching for natural and practical ways of getting rid of my facial outbreaks, I stumbled upon the Kraft Miracle Whip Facial and also was able to read from some other sites (sorry, I forgot what sites I have stumbled upon) that potatoes and tomatoes are one of those practical cure.

I've tried potato poultice and it was good, but find it time consuming to scrape. So I decided to be loyal with tomatoes since I only have to slice them and place them on my pimples. It feels good everytime this tomatoes touch my face, it soothes my inflamed acne and the next day after, my acne starts to disappear.

pimple face
So why is tomatoes? How can it help in treating pimples? Pimples or acne are caused by different factors, but one factor which is common to all is the BACTERIA in the pores. Some of the factors can be found here. So in order to take away this bad bacteria, we need to wash it away, but sometimes, facial wash is not enough. So here comes the tomato, which is very rich with antioxidants. Tomato can help in the quick recovery of these disturbing facial outbreaks.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a tomato and slice it then rub it or just place it over your swelling pimples for a few minutes. And don't forget to wash it with tap water after :)