Monday, April 30, 2007

One Day Blog Silence

Monday, April 23, 2007

Crocodiles & Pythons

Yesterday, we spent the whole afternoon at Davao Crocodile Park. Last week, I had a hard time convincing my coworkers to accompany me to the park on a weekend and I was able to persuade Bobby and Arnel to come with me. It was my first time to visit the famous home of crocodiles here in Davao City. They also shelter other animal species aside from the cold blooded reptile. It was a fun filled afternoon because of the shows that the park management organized for the visitors. I was able to pet a 14 feet Burmese Python and pose for the camera with a yellow snake around my neck. I was able to conquer my fear. I love running my hand along the Burmese Python. It felt so smooth and soft. I used to think that the snake’s skin is rough and not good to touch but that experienced prove me wrong. I went home smiling because I was able to take a lot of pictures and at the same time, I was able to relax and destress from a very hectic work week.

More pictures here. :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Barkada's Little Angel -part two-

Here's the video I've been talking about yesterday :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Barkada's Little Angel

Yesterday, I received the copy of the video of my friend Tanisha giving birth to cutie little Kimm. Her sister, nang Thriz, promised to mail me a copy for me to see how little Kimm came out of her mother’s womb. Nang Thriz was on-duty during that day that’s why she got the chance to take a video her sister’s delivery. She edited the video and added some pictures and background music. I was able to convert it to a windows media video format so that I can share it here.

Krishna Marie Michaela M. Rollo (Kimm for short) was born last March 18, 2007 at exactly 4:09 in the afternoon weighing 6.13 lbs. She’s the very first baby ihada of our barkada, which means that all 14 of us are her godparents. For everybody’s information, our highschool barkada is composed of 9 gals and 6 guys. And we will be celebrating our 10th year of friendship this coming October 10. Enough of that, I will blog about my berks later. This post a tribute to our first little angel. Kimm is so lucky, she’s not only our first little angel, she’s also the first apo and pamangkin. Lynlyn, (I’m used to calling Tanisha by her nick) is the 3rd among the 5 beautiful daughters of Tito Felix and Tita Proserfina. And she’s the first one to settle down among her sisters. I keep on thinking that little Kimm will be spoiled by Lynlyn’s sisters and parents considering the fact that she’s the FIRST and ONLY (for now) apo and pamangkin in her family. I can’t wait for December to come. Little Kimm will be 9months old by then. I can’t wait to go home and play with our little angel.

I've already uploaded the video, I'm still waiting for revver's approval. I'll post it here maybe tomorrow. Anyway, here are some of little Kimm's captured moments.

sleeping beauty


with Mommy ;)

with Auntie Pie ;)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Reason To Stay

Yesterday, the agony of waiting ended. I've been waiting for my new baby since last month. Take a look at my new baby.

I love my new mobile phone. It's actually a company phone. It's one of the privileges for being employed here for more than 5 months and of course, one should have an excellent performance rating based on performance appraisal (geesh, that means they don't have a problem with my work performance...hehehe). On the contrary, having one will be a big pain in the a** if one decides to leave the company before his/her mobile phone contract ends (it's a two years contract, by the way). Our company phone is a corporate plan under this
company. 60% of the monthly billing is being paid by the company and the 40% plus the excess will be shouldered by the employee which will be deducted from his/her salary every end of the month. If one decides to look for a greener pasture, he/she needs to pay the remaining monthly billing. If I decide to move out on April next year, I have to pay P9,600.00 (P800.00 x 12 months, ours is under Plan800). That would be such a big amount :(

My new baby will be a reason for me to stay longer
here. I'm currently happy with my work. I have adjusted to the place but I'm praying and hoping that I will be assigned to another area so that I can visit other places. It will be a good motivator. Hehehe. A part of me wants to stay here. I've learned to love this company. The company taught me a lot of things about life especially on living an independent life. I know that I have to live my life to the fullest, not by rushing things, but by taking each day one at a time.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bukidnon & Cagayan Escapade -part two-

I've got nothing much to brag about my long vacation. Nothing spectacular. Spent the days sleeping and bonding with my high school barkada, Greavinci. It was actually his birthday last April 6 and the date fell on a Good Friday. *Geesh* A good day to celebrate! Hahaha :) Nakatipid sya! Since it was Good Friday, we're not allowed to eat meat. But during the night after going to the church, Greav's Dad decided to take us all to a dinner at a restaurant. And again, since it's Good Friday, all establishments are closed but we're still lucky to find a restaurant open. Hotel Valencia & Taipan Restaurant is open. They've got no choice actually because it's a hotel, and it should be open 24/7 even during holidays. So there, we celebrated Greav's birthday with a dinner and went home to watch the VCDs that we've rented the other day.

Saturday. Greav's first day of training at Pepsi, Cagayan de Oro City. I went after him (he left early around 4:00 in the morning). I traveled alone to the City of Golden Friendship. The night before, we have agreed to meet at LimKetKai Mall. That was my second time around to visit Cagayan de Oro City. But I've never got the chance to wander around. I've got limited time. Maybe some other time within this year. I'm planning to visit the place again now that Greav is working there. After his training, we just spent the afternoon at the mall, playing at the World of Fun and food trip. I had my first try of Japanese foods (manol ko daan! hahaha) at Rai-Rai Ken and also my first time to try one of the products of The Tea Square. I forgot the flavor of the Green Tea that Greav bought me, but I would like to recommend all of you to try their product. It's refreshing and healthy.

I went back to Davao just last Monday. I left Valencia City around 4:oo in the morning and I arrived here around 9:00AM. That gave me enough time to do my laundry and clean my room.I'm so grateful that I was given the chance to relax and enjoy. It's a good way to destress from a routinary work And a great time to pause and reflect about life. ;)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

City of Golden Friendship

I'm currently having the time of my life! hehehe... It's my 2nd time here. I can't blog any longer because I have limited time. I'll blog about my short visit here in CDO probably on Monday when I get back to Davao City. I'm waiting for Greav, he's still looking for a place to stay here. He'll be working in this city, and it's too tiresome for him if he'll travel from Valencia, Bukidnon to Cagayan and vice versa everyday. It's a 2 and a half hour land trip. And it's not only stressful to travel everyday, it's also too impractical. Mahal ang pamasahe.

Gotta go. Will probably post some pics on Monday or Tuesday :)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Ultimate Waffle Craving

These are two of my favorite Waffle Time fillings :)

Yummy! Hahaha :) Just posting before leaving for Bukidnon :) Have a nice vacation everyone.


Sana nga lang may extra pay ako for advertising our company's products. joke. hehehe. Ü

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Japanese Name

Got this from Christian. Hehehehe... Not bad :)

My japanese name is 藤原 Fujiwara (wisteria fields) 明日香 Asuka (fragrance of the bright day).
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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cleaning up & Vacation Plans

What a day! I decided to unpack and arrange all the Official Receipts per outlet that our Head Office shipped to us last week. I was planning to sort them out after the Holy Week but since there's nothing left to do and Emman kept on begging me to let him use my PC for him to finish his reports, here's what happened between 1:00 PM and 5:30 PM.



I am very thankful to some of the Commissary Crews for helping me out. If not for them, I won't have enough time to pass my daily sales report. Maybe up to this very moment, I am still inside the commissary cleaning up all the mess. ;) Muchas gracias to Arnel and Dennis. Hehehe.

Now, I only have to finish my monthly report, I'm 70% done. I do hope I can finish the 30% tomorrow so that I can really enjoy my long vacation. Deadline for the monthly report is still on the 12th but I'll give all my best so that I can pass it on tomorrow afternoon. I really want to spend my vacation with nothing left on my to-do-list but just to enjoy and enjoy and enjoy! Ü

I'll be spending Holy Week at Valencia, Bukidnon again at my friend's place. Perfect timing! Why? Because it's Greavinci's (that's the name of my friend) birthday on the 6th. And I'm looking forward to it already. He agreed to my plan of cooking something for him as my birthday gift. Wehehehe ;)

And here's another good news. Greav's family is coming over here on the 5th. He texted me to meet them on Thursday here in Davao City so that they can tour around for a while before going home. And I'm going home with them. That means, I'll be saving a one way fare to Bukidnon. And it will never be a boring 5 hour trip. But what bothers me is the fact that his family wants to go to SM City. Our office already received a memo from SM that they will be closed on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. All the malls and even animal parks will also be closed on these days I think. I told Greav to tell his dad to pursue the plans of coming over here either on Sunday or on Monday so that we can visit the Crocodile Park after going to SM City. I'm still waiting for his text. Maybe by this time, he's still on the way back to Bukidnon from Cagayan de Oro. And before I forget, I want to congratulate this Licensed Physical Therapist friend of mine for making it as a Sales Trainee for Pepsi CDO. Hehehe. Yeah, Greav is a licensed Physical Therapist, currently waiting for his papers for him to be able to take up the state board exam at Hawaii. Because he's bored of waiting and want something to make him busy, he succumbed to his Dad's appeal of applying for a job for the mean time. ¡Felicitaciones! my dear friend! :)

Monday, April 02, 2007

I will be more patient...

I came from a broken family. This is maybe one of the main reasons why I oftentimes feel so empty inside. I grew up with my Granny by my side. I craved for my Mom's attention. I grew up having a bad relationship with my Mom but everything is okay now. I never experienced having a Dad who would make selos when I'm being surrounded by boys.

I've been in and out of a relationship five times already. Everytime my heart gets broken, I always set some time to contemplate and think of what had gone wrong. There are times that I wasn't able to control my emotions and I would become so miserable because I didn't use my mind over my heart. I always tend to rush things. I always thought that I would be happier if I have someone special.

Weeks before, I promised to God and to myself that I would be more patient. That I would wait for God to finish my love story. I know that there's someone really meant for me. Someone worthy enough of my love.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Easter Bunnies

One more week and it will be Easter Sunday once again. Take a look at these cutie little bunnies that I saw at the mall yesterday.

Aren't they adorable? I used to have a pair, but they both died. :( Well, I have to go. It's Palm Sunday, I have to attend the 6:00PM mass later and see Johan. Johan is a batchmate from USLS . He's a Med. Rep. by profession and is assigned here in Davao City. He will be coming home tomorrow (that makes me feel bad, :( mayo pa sya makapuli sa tahum tahum namon na syudad), and he's nice enough to bring with him some stuff I've bought for my family. That will save me some bucks, it's way too expensive to send it through a courier. Have a nice Sunday everyone!Ü