Thursday, April 19, 2007

Barkada's Little Angel

Yesterday, I received the copy of the video of my friend Tanisha giving birth to cutie little Kimm. Her sister, nang Thriz, promised to mail me a copy for me to see how little Kimm came out of her mother’s womb. Nang Thriz was on-duty during that day that’s why she got the chance to take a video her sister’s delivery. She edited the video and added some pictures and background music. I was able to convert it to a windows media video format so that I can share it here.

Krishna Marie Michaela M. Rollo (Kimm for short) was born last March 18, 2007 at exactly 4:09 in the afternoon weighing 6.13 lbs. She’s the very first baby ihada of our barkada, which means that all 14 of us are her godparents. For everybody’s information, our highschool barkada is composed of 9 gals and 6 guys. And we will be celebrating our 10th year of friendship this coming October 10. Enough of that, I will blog about my berks later. This post a tribute to our first little angel. Kimm is so lucky, she’s not only our first little angel, she’s also the first apo and pamangkin. Lynlyn, (I’m used to calling Tanisha by her nick) is the 3rd among the 5 beautiful daughters of Tito Felix and Tita Proserfina. And she’s the first one to settle down among her sisters. I keep on thinking that little Kimm will be spoiled by Lynlyn’s sisters and parents considering the fact that she’s the FIRST and ONLY (for now) apo and pamangkin in her family. I can’t wait for December to come. Little Kimm will be 9months old by then. I can’t wait to go home and play with our little angel.

I've already uploaded the video, I'm still waiting for revver's approval. I'll post it here maybe tomorrow. Anyway, here are some of little Kimm's captured moments.

sleeping beauty


with Mommy ;)

with Auntie Pie ;)


Joni said...

When I was a kid, I saw this picture of a baby being born by accident. As in bag-o lng gid ka gua nga kit-anon pa ang *toot* sng mommy nya. hahaha! it was so gross! pero sige na lang gani, maagyan ko man na guro someday. hahaha

The baby looks cute! You'd do a great ninang ;)

Mr Ala Eh said...

what a beautiful baby. reminds me of Sam at her 'newly-born' days...