Monday, May 25, 2009

Homemade facial and hair treatment

I’ve been searching over the web for a homemade facial treatment and found this Kraft Miracle Whip (KMW) facial treatment here and here. Lately, I’ve been suffering a lot of break outs, and I also tried availing a collagen facial in one of the well-known facial spa in the city but nothing changed, it even worsen the case. So what I did is go back to my normal facial wash and let it be.

Out of curiosity, I tried this Miracle Whip facial after finding some positive feedbacks from those who have tried it. And yes, it’s effective! I’ve tried the facial for two days already and my face feels soft and moisturized without even applying moisturizer. And I no longer suffer oily skin after the facial treatment.

In between the search for positive feedbacks from those who have tried this homemade facial, I also have learned that Kraft Miracle Whip can also be a good hair treatment most especially to those have dry hair. The second time I applied KMW to my face, I also applied it to my scalp and hair. After thirty minutes of leaving it on my head, I washed it twice with a shampoo and never used a conditioner after to really prove if it can indeed turn my dry hair into a shiny and healthy hair. And yes, after my hair dried, it feels soft and even my dandruff were gone. Yes… I’ve been suffering from dandruff eversince time immemorial. I tried a lot of dandruff shampoos even the expensive Nizoral, but everytime I stop using this over-the-counter drug, these unwelcoming white flakes keep on coming back. Well, not now. I’m dandruff free and will be pimple free after a few more KMW facial. ;)

I encourage every ladies to try this homemade facial and hair treatment because it’s not only affordable (super duper affordable), it’s also guaranteed effective. Here’s the instruction for the facial (for the hair treatment, just follow what I said earlier):

Use a shower cup or tie your hair so that it will never mess with the mayo on your face. Apply a medium coating of Kraft Miracle Whip on your face, spread it so that it will fairly cover your face but avoid the area near your eyes. You can also cover your lips if you want to have a soft kissable lips. Then leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Your face will feel hot, it’s because of the vinegar component of the Miracle Whip which I think also acts as the exfoliator. The burning sensation that you will feel is normal. But if you can’t stand it, better yet wash your face. After 15 minutes, massage your face gently after which you can see mini balls which consist of your dead skin cells and the excess Miracle Whip which was not absorbed by your skin. Rinse your face with water then you may continue with your usual facial regime. But I never used toner after it because the toner only made my face oily. So I leave it as it is after washing with my favorite facial wash.

So what are you waiting for? Try it now!

By the way, thank you so much to Christina for posting about it and also to for a very informative post.


Carol said...

Nice article about hair loss. I really found your articles informative and beneficial.

jireh said...

hi there... i don't know if it's applicable for hair loss, i'm doing this hair treatment actually for my dry hair and for my dandruff as well... :) thanks for dropping by :)