Sunday, May 03, 2009

another set of weight loss tips

  1. Forgive yourself so that you can start your diet program without any doubts and hesitations. Sometimes we all need to let go, move on and forgive ourselves to free some space in our hearts and to focus on a new endeavor and that is losing the flabs.
  2. Never start on an expensive weight loss program not unless you're so determined to succeed.
  3. Discipline is always the most important word to succeed in a weight loss program.
  4. Take one day at a time. Losing weight is a process. There are no shortcuts.
  5. Always reward yourself. Having a cheat day once every week or every two weeks would be a good motivational tool to succeed.

Sometimes, all we need to do is to forgive and love ourselves so that there would be no distractions during the weight loss programs. There are times that we fail in the middle of the program and eating more is our way of coping from the failure. This causes us to gain rather than lose weight.

There is no need to spend on an expensive weight loss program. As what I’ve said in my earlier post, the problem is not the weight loss program, but it’s you. Discipline and reward are important in the process. These two keep us motivated and these two serves as our light which would lead us to our goal of getting rid of our flab. During the weight loss program, we should focus on the moment, not on the destination. We should enjoy and learn from the process and refrain from thinking more about the future.

A thought to ponder:

Journey’s what brings us happiness, not the destination. - Peaceful Warrior


Maddie said...

Yeah!! Those are very useful weight Loss tips!! I'll try them... Thanks for sharing!!

rocelyn said...

haha..! i have to lose some weight, too.. bilbils are already visible. hihihihi! (",)