Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On Waking Up Early

Lately, I've been trying so hard to get up early. Yes. Early, as in 5:30 A.M. But my body refuses to :( I know I can do more if I wake up early, I can be more productive and energetic because there would be times that too much sleep makes me more lazy to move.

Earlier, I've googled on how to wake up early. And I landed on this page, which also led me to read this and this. I really agree with what the author said that sleeping early is never the solution to the problem. I myself have experienced sleeping late but then managed to wake up early and still feel energized and refreshed.

I will try the technique that the author suggested. Practice makes perfect. And early risers are also made, not born ;)

Any other suggestions on how to wake up early? I'll be making a follow up post on this after trying the technique. :)


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