Thursday, May 08, 2003

Great day! I went to lasalle to join my barkada for lunch... I always love having my lunch with rr and carlo because they always make me laugh... i'm just happy being with my barkada... and i really love being with them always... there's just the feeling of contentness and happiness that i just can't explain..Ü
I also received a bad news from rr, nimalyn's mom (his girlfriend and one of my barkada too) have been admitted in the hospital. I've decided to visit tita nids after my work but Maebelle fetched me at the office and she wanted me to accompany her to find a new mobile phone. She wanted to buy a new phone. Actually, Vincent (a VB instructor @ VaST), went with us... We had a great time sharing our ideas and oftentimes arguing... but thats normal...Ü
I still have to call Vincent... but before i forget, the yearbook (USLS) Editor in Chief texted me just this morning. There will be a meeting on May 10, 2pm... He told me to bring ballpen and to be on time... There will be an examination i think...
Anyways... I really have to go... Nyt!Ü God bless...Ü

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