Monday, May 05, 2003

I feel tired... :( i have to unwind a little... chat a little and then later, i'll bake some cookies. I've planned to bake my specialty, oatmeal cookies, and then bring some tomorrow at the office... La lang... I just feel like baking and sharing...Ü
I came home late already, I still dropped by at the courtyard, meet Stuffy and Poi... Stuffy was supposed to borrow Alvin's book on Adobe but I'm still using it as my reference because I am not yet through with the task given to me by Sir Jojo and Sir Felix, (and I still have to ask for Alvin's permission if Stuffy could borrow his book...) I was supposed to develop a manual for a software but I end up very meticulous with the screenshots.... hehehehe....
Anywayz, Poi is home and I just wish he will report to the office tomorrow... La lang... hehehehe... but he dropped by the office earlier this afternoon (maybe because Sir Marc asked him to do so) and then he gave me a necklace imported, take note... imported.. whehehehehe.... from boracay... hehehehe... tnx Poi!Ü
I'll be back later... (kung nd ko malipat! kag kung ok pa ang koneksyon karn)... i'll have my shower na because I feel sticky and I want to refresh before I proceed to my baking session... God bless!Ü

***now playing - Pretty Baby.mp3 by Vanessa Carlton

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