Thursday, October 18, 2007

Launching of new FOMs on my Natal Day

I just turned 24 yesterday and it was the most memorable birthday I’ve ever had in my 24 years of existence. I would like to enumerate the reasons why:

  • First, family, relatives, coworkers and friends both from the other parts of the country and also those who are currently working overseas sent greetings thru text messages, friendster, multiply and e-mail. I am really happy because one friend who’s currently working at Dubai called. I admit I really miss Kitch. She’s a friend, a neighbor, a classmate, a business partner and a college barkada rolled into one. I’m really, really happy she called because I’ve been waiting for her to send me updates with what’s happening in her life now that she’s working in a foreign country. And another special greeting I’ve received yesterday that really made my heart leap is an e-card from my big boss and his wife. The two are currently on a vacation outside of the country but they still managed to send me a birthday greetings across the miles. Such a heartwarming gift for my birthday. Thank you so much for remembering me :D
  • Second, coworkers helped me organized and prepare my birthday dinner for everyone. I was on a tight budget but thank God a lot of them volunteered to cook. So each one of us enjoyed the night, busog na busog. *wink*
  • Third, on my natal day, I finally decided to join the DXN family. I really felt so welcomed and accommodated and guess what? They have prepared a surprise for me! They’ve compiled and wrote all their birthday greetings in two pieces of special paper prepared by my lovely friend Tina. (And by the way Tin, I know you’ll be reading this one, thank you so much for the book. Wuv u! :D) I was inspired by your birthday greetings. Rest assured, I’ll continue to help you serve more people. At your service po ;)
  • Fourth, my Mama and Lola called soooo early in the morning. Happy happy me :D I miss my Mama and Lola. So much. (Yey! Lapit na lang December! Hehehe)
  • Fifth, on my 24th birthday, our area launched our new Flavors of the Month. All FOMs belong under the sweet fillings category. The two new FOMs are Bavarian Cream and Choc Nut. Bavarian Cream is a yellow and creamy vanilla filling. I know some of you have tried it already because some donut companies have this kind of filling, but I suggest you try it with a waffle. It’s yummy! :D Choc Nut is a medium brown and paste-like filling with sweet, nutty and chocolatey taste from roasted peanuts and chocolates. This one taste like peanut butter but you can really taste the nuts. So what else are you waiting for? Go to the nearest Waffle Time outlets and grab one of our FOMs. :D

Yummilicious Bavarian Cream ;)

Chocolatey Choc Nut :D

Before I end this birthday post, I would like to thank our dear Creator for all the blessings I’ve received. Thank you for not giving up on me dear God. Thank you for everything.


Joni said...

Yahuuu. Happy Birthday! 24 ka na, pwede ka na kapakasal. ahehehe.

jireh said...

joni! i dont even have a boyfriend.. panu yan? hehehe :D

eys^ said...

daw namit ang bavarian aw... hehehehe

enjoy being single ah! joke!

halong da jai ah... december agaw ta!! hwheheheh

jireh said...

december? hehehe as if bala lawig gid akon bakasyon na 4 days lamang.. atleast, better than nothing at all.. :D

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ji!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ji!

eys^ said...

lagaw ta gyapon ah... wehehehehhehe

miski an hour nga libre mo ko sa waffle time... sus... anu mn lang na man?!! hek hek hek

tina said...

yay!! on your day talaga lumabas yung FOM nyo! yummy bavariaaann!! wooo...

so many things happened on your 24th bday... :P hehe soo blessed! :)

at your service din te =) Im happy you liked my lil treat. hehe