Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Another new baby

Yeeep ;) Another new baby. Here he is, take a look at him.
I just received my first digital camera, a SAMSUNG S860. This is also the first item I bought at eBay. The first thing that I bought online. Online shopping can be so addictive. But I promised myself that this would be the first and last thing that I would buy online, for this year I guess (yes, I know ;), 2008 is already coming to an end... hehehe). I had a good deal with the seller, I actually saved almost two thousand bucks. Yep ;) That's the beauty of buying online, you can actually buy gadgets at a lower price.

I'm planning to make a photo blog. I already have the concept, but I'm still finalizing everything before publishing it to the World Wide Web. It's almost eleven in the evening, I think I need to rest now. I have a long day tomorrow. :)


ka said...

OH COOL!! cute baby! :D hehehe
hi jireh :)

ka said...

HELLO JIREH!! Yes ofcourse, we'll try and meet again! looking forward to it :D