Friday, November 21, 2008

learning to let go on a friday...

A Friday is supposed to be a happy day for me since it's the last day of the work week (just for me because I have school during Saturdays). But this Friday is a very memorable one. A Friday full of disappointments and frustrations. A Friday full of stress and anxiety.

First and foremost, I woke up still sick. I woke up with a moderate headache, plus a very irritated and dry throat. Second, a trusted subordinate came in late for work 25 minutes late! And then the very last thing that I would expect to happen, my adopted sister's mobile phone stolen! And why would I be so disappointed? Well, fyi, the phone is soooooooo brand new. As in super brand new. And why am I so affected? I was the one who gave it to her for her birthday. It's actually one of the three phones I have received from Smart for subscribing to their TRIO Plan last Nov. 13, 2008. I have the two other phones shipped to Bacolod for my Mom and for my adopted sister whois also my cousin. Damn those pickpockets! I just can't help it. Sorry for cursing whoever that person was. I know that I have to let go and let nature take care of everything. I know karma will hit that person one day soon. I just can't let go. I just can't forgive that person. :( I can't blame my cousin 100% because I know she doesn't want it to happen. But then, if she only placed the phone in her bag and not in her pocket. I've forgiven her. She's so young to suffer the guilt feeling but I know that she have learned a very big lesson today. And that is to really take care of everything that she owns, be it hard earned or just given to her.

And here I am, still making myself feel better and constantly reminding myself that there will always be a rainbow after each storm.

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