Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year, New Life

This might be a late post for welcoming 2009, but I would still like to post my goals for this year of the Ox.

  1. lose weight. yeah. LOSE weight. currently weighing 143 lbs., aiming to be 100 lbs or lighter by June 2009 :)
  2. be organized. update to do list everyday.
  3. spend less, save more or shall i say, INVEST more. returns on savings is so small that it would take like forever to see the returns though it is the safest, but i still believe that money is not my property, i need to let it go in order for it to FREELY FLOW in my life ;)
  4. fight procrastination. **wish me luck**
  5. hear Mass every Sunday.
  6. spend time alone once a week.
  7. take time to relax at least twice a month.
  8. read the Twilight series. yep :) read more books, watch less TV.
  9. watch movie more often.
  10. do more charity works.
That's all for now :) I welcome 2009 with a big hug. New life, new hope, better ME :)

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