Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Made It! :)

Yeah! I finally made it! I've achieved one of my long term goals, and that is to be able to stay longer than four months in a company. I really can't believe it. Parang kailan lang... I can still remember how Mama and Lola used to doubt my decision of accepting the job offer. They keep on saying that Davao is way too far and maybe the company would just give me a minimum wage. But I didn't listen to them. I kept on telling them that this is a a chance that I really have to take. I told them I want to learn how to be independent. I think accepting the job opportunity is one best way for me to become emotionally and financially independent. And yes, this career experience that I'm going through right now gave me more than what I expected.

Looking back, I've made a lot of realizations. I realized that no matter how busy and happy I am here in Durian Republic, I would still long for the comfort and warmth of my little hometown. There's really no place like home. I already learned to love Davao, but I would still want to settle down in Bacolod. I also realized that cooking is not that hard. ;) And so is doing the laundry too (syempre with the help of the ever useful washing machine). I also realized that I need to have longer patience and I should be more disciplined in everything that I do so that I can be more productive and efficient not only in work but also in terms of house chores (no choice, wala akong maid dito! hehehe) and other extra curricular activities. And another very significant realization that I made is that CONSTANT PRAYER, PRAYING THE HOLY ROSARY & HEARING (DAILY) MASS CURES DEPRESSION & HOMESICKNESS. Tested and proven by yours truly. :)

Sweet success. :) This is what I'm feeling right now. Another goal to pursue is maintaining my savings account until the end of the year. And another is to really take good care of not only my job but also my other small business (sidelines!). I know I can make it. I just need to have more faith in myself and with God :)

Thank you so much to all my family, friends (including those whom I've met through blogging), and to all my co-workers for believing in me and for all those encouragements. I know that without you guys, I wouldn't make it this far. And most of all, thank you so much Dear God for never leaving my side.

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tina said...

there's no place like home. hehe. eventhough you have been to different places... you would always look back to where you came from and ache to go home one day.

wow you persevere... specially sa goals mo. you also love to save... keep it up! ;p hehe