Thursday, July 05, 2007


Yeah! I need a break, as in B-R-E-A-K! Everyday seems to be a busy day. After doing the payroll, there are still a lot of reports to finish and then it's clearing period again. I feel like dying :( But on the positive side, I've been monitoring our sales everyday and I really want to thank God for the super duper blessing! :) Our area is doing good compared to last year's sales and compared to other area also, we're really doing well this past two months. I salute all our outlet crews, OICs and Supervisors for the job well done. I hope and I pray that this will continue until the end of the year. (Lord please... it's the only thing that makes our big boss smile! :) hahaha...)

I still haven't watched Transformers, even Fantastic Four! :( I'm gonna watch Transformers this Saturday afternoon after work. I need a big break and I've got to treat myself :) I need to be good to myself. Hehehe :)

Still have a lot of things to do. Ciao! :)

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