Thursday, June 21, 2007


While browsing over PBB FORUM, this one caught my attention. I don't know if it's true or not. But one thing I'm sure is that Wendy is the REAL PLASTIK inside Kuya's house. It's not bad to be a fighter but do it in a diplomatic way. Ano ka ba naman iha? OK KA LANG? You said want to win the million for your family, pero di mo ba alam na sa ginagawa mo pinapahiya mo ang pamilya mo? Almost all the comments and feedbacks from the people in the PBB Forum blames Wendy's parents for the way she was raised. Not directly but in some way, parang ganun na rin. Visit the forum and you'll know why. Is there really a conspiracy going on behind the PBB Season 2? Teacher's pet nga ba talaga si Wendy ng ABS CBN Management? Basta ako, I really won't vote for Wendy to be a part of the BIG FOUR. SHE'S NOT DESERVING.


tina said...

I feel sad about how wendy's being treated now. I mean, it's partly the PBB management's fault because they let her stayed and be part of the big four and im sure there was a conspiracy.. because a lot would not want wendy to be part of it(likeee meee).. and all. and what's worst.. Nel was casted out of the house first. oh well.... naawa lang din ako sa kanya kanina.. when the people booed her.... oh well..

Go go go! join a dance class.. or better yet join our dance group. haha.

Tonskie said...

OMG. The whole Philippines hates her. Big Time! Ang sarap batuhin ng limang tocino (napanood mo ba un?) HAHAHAHHA!! Binoo sha tuloy ng sukdulan sa Araneta at sa ASAP!!!! Good luck na lang sa demonya.


SexyMom said...

i am no fan of PBB, but in between, i see what's happening on TV. and i learned that some of those who watched the grand night were booing her family. that is sheer tactlessness, heartless. no matter how she badly behaved, fans should take it against her only, and not against her family.

Anonymous said...

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