Monday, July 23, 2007

Yeah I’m Fat.. but I’m beautiful :p

Yesterday, I decided to change my hair style. I’m sick and tired of my long hair. I’ve been having second thoughts since last month because I know that if I cut my hair short, I’d look fat. No no.. I’m not slim either, but having a short hair would make me look like a siopao. Hahaha =)

July 14, 2007

July 22, 2007

But I really wanted to have a new look. And it’s so expensive to maintain a long hair. As what I’ve expected, almost everybody in the office commented that I look fat with my new hair style. So? Mataba naman talaga ako ah? But I’m still beautiful. FAT IS BEAUTIFUL ;) Hahahaha :p

I’m planning to go back to the gym next month. I’m still trying to fix my budget. I really want to get back in shape, not too slim, just the average type of body that I used to have last year before I arrived here in Davao City. And by the way, this day marks my 1st year here in Durian Republic. And tomorrow, I will be celebrating my 1st year anniversary of hard work & patience in Waffle Time, Inc. Yahooo!! At last, I’ve succeeded in one of my long term goals. Another goal to pursue is my savings plan. Short term goal, before my birthday this coming October, my savings account should have atleast five thousand bucks in it. And it should double by the end of the year. I know I can make it. Discipline. Discipline. Discipline. And patience too. I need to have both. Wish me luck friends ;)


Last July 21 is my beautiful grandma's 77th birthday. My mama prepared a little celebration for her since we're really on tight budget right now. I enjoyed talking with my Papa Gil (my Lola's youngest brother) and also with his wife, Mama Aida last Saturday. Mama invited just a few guests, all of them are actually our relatives. I've talked to Lola and I'm very sure she was happy and contented with that little celebration though I'm not home. It's my phone calls and the present that I've sent her that made her happier I think. :) Syempre... the only grand daughter, spoiled pa! hehehe :) I love you Lola! May you have more birthdays to come. :)


SexyMom said...

the short hair suits you. in any case if you want to return to the longish hair--there's always a consolation, it grows. but i am sure as the months pass by, you would really believe that it suits you. there's very little choice for long hair.

jireh said...

hi tita dine! thank u :) i feel comfortable now with my new hairstyle... :)

Anonymous said...

u look weird..... no just kidding... just dropping off some msg here. Have a great there!

Your no fat!

Anonymous said...

forgot to publish my name... hehehe
- vince