Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fruits fruits and more fruits...

As if marami talaga, lanzones lang naman tsaka rambotan ang nakain ko.. :)

Because it's Kadayawan Festival, fruits are very affordable, from the famous durian to the sweet lanzones. Our Inventory Control Officer went out to buy Ube for our ube fillings, and when he went back from the market, he was carrying two plastic bags full of lanzones and rambotan! yummy! :)

Want some?

lanzones for only Php25.00 per kilo

rambotan for only Php20.00 per kilo ;)

Saturday is fast approaching. It's actually payday! wehehe :) I'm gonna shop for more fruits! hahaha :)

1 comment:

Tony and Annie said...

wow kalami ba anang lanzones ug rambotan oi na misss na kaayo nako