Friday, August 17, 2007

Changes & Birthday Plans

As the famous axiom goes, change is the only constant thing in this world. It’s undeniably true. And I as a sensitive human being should learn how to adapt with changes. I've been trying to but I oftentimes tend to forget. I should not mind the changes in others, I should mind my own self. Selfish? Sometimes minding others business causes pain in my heart. I guess I just need to mind my own business. Just focus on my goal to become a better person each day. Better than each day that passes by.

On the other hand, 60 days from now, I will be celebrating my 24th year of existence. And just like last year, I’m planning to throw a mini-birthday bash for the children at the San Pedro Drop-In Center for Street Children. I would love to share my blessings with these poor kids. My birthday treat for them last year would not be possible without the financial support from my friends back at home and also from those outside the country and within the different islands in the Philippines. One of my high school batchmate, now a Registered Nurse working at Texas (yeah US baby! Haha!), promised again to send me some $$ to add up to my birthday budget. He would love to do kawang gawa with me =) Anybody there with a kind heart who would love to donate for my birthday treats for the unfortunate kids? Just drop me message on how to get in touch with you. I would be very happy if you could help. It would be a very nice feeling to see the smile on these kids' faces. Below are some of the pictures taken with the children during my birthday feeding program.

This is Roldan, I really can't forget this little guy. When I asked for someone to volunteer to lead the prayer before meals, he actively raised his hand. Isn't it nice that these children knows how to pray? :)

Prayer before meals :)

Eating time. Yummy spaghetti and waffles! :)

Chika² with the kids :)

Roldan enjoying his spaghetti :)

They gave me this lovely bouquet of red roses with the message below:

This really made me cry. Tears of JOY =)


rOcelyn said...

hi ji! :) I can totally understand what you feel. I too have a heart for kids. And reading your entry makes me remember those days when I was a BALAYAN volunteer. I really cried whenever those kids kiss me, hug me, and tell me how they appreciate my presence in their lives.

I miss them! :)

eys^ said...

wow!!! *sob* hidlaw mn ko mag outreach bah... i mean... before ya daw ka usual lng maghambal nga "oi.. may outreach ta sa sabado..." wow! grabeh ah!! saludo gd ko sa imo... tsk tsk... indi ko na guro mahimo gd... am not financially capable gd ciguro... pero i would love to do it! miski in simple ways lng...

I use to be with the Capuchin Girls for almost 4 years gd when I was in college... hay... wala na ko kabalik after graduation kay daw napalayo gd ko...

hay... *sob* kita ko mga pictures ka mga bata... sakit sa heart! though kis-a super selfish man ko... hekhekhek

keep it up jai.. you'll have incentives in heaven... :)

Anonymous said...

Wow...Amazing... For the love of kids....great Job Ji!
- vince

tina said...

finally saw this... :) which gave me an idea... :P haha. :) *wink* see you later ate..

Tonskie said...

a heartfelt way to celebrate a birthday! kudos to yoU!