Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Employee :)

This morning, each one of us in here in the office received an e-mail from our big boss. It was actually a survey. Here are the questions:
  1. How do you assess your performance this past year? Tell me why.
  2. Quantify your contributions.
  3. What do you think you are particularly good at?
  4. What are your weakest points in performing task at hand, if any?
  5. What are the key success factors?
  6. What are the problems, if any?
  7. Confidentially, whom do you find it difficult to work with, if there's anyone?
  8. Is there any system that you consider to be in need of immediate change?
  9. Which part of your job interests you the most?
  10. How about the uninteresting portion, if any?
  11. How do you see yourself in the company in both short- and long-term period?
  12. Is there anything or anyone you need to help you become more effective?
  13. Is there anything in your current job that has become redundant or would you wish to change?
  14. Are you happy?
  15. What do you think of my management style?
Upon reading the questions, I can't help but smile. Smile because I'm so happy! It has been my desire to reach out to our big boss. To let him know what I feel and to share with him some of my ideas that I think would be beneficial to the company. After reading the last line of the e-mail, I quickly clicked on the REPLY button and answered the questions with a big smile on my face! :)

I feel happy knowing that our concerns, ideas and suggestions are also being given proper attention. It makes me feel important and it gives me the motivation to work harder. :)


Joni said...

Mayo ah! It's always good to have the chance to voice out our frustrations, concerns, and suggestions to our bosses. At least mabal-an nya kung diin sya dapat ma improve. hehe

eys^ said...

meaning sina.. evaluation period nyo... lol... mataas na guro imo position or masaka imo rate!! weheheheheh

jireh said...

@ eys - sana nga.. :) hahaha :) pray for me :)