Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Close-To-Peaceful Election & Birthday Surprise

While browsing over ABS-CBN Interactive, a news update caught my attention.

"Official election forms stolen inside COMELEC warehouse

Spoiled election forms inside a Commission on Elections warehouse in Paco, Manila were stolen Tuesday, possibly by COMELEC employees.

COMELEC Chairman Benjamin Abalos Sr. said reserve forms including certificates of canvass (COCs), municipal proclamation and summary of statement of votes forms were declared missing inside the Maxilite Building in Paco.

Abalos said poll officials are eyeing a possible inside job since there was no sign of forced entry. He said every COMELEC employee with access to the storage facility will be investigated. He added that the stolen forms could no longer be used because their serial numbers have already been nullified. More.."

So what else is new? The other day, I was so happy to hear the news from the same TV network that the said national event is a peaceful one. But now, I seemed to be confused. How can it be peaceful if even just during the campaign period the COMELEC gun ban failed to cease election-related violence? And the PNP already reported that a number of people died and some were injured in 215 incidents of election-related violence. They call that peaceful?

Is there hope for our beloved country to rise from being a third world country inspite of all these adversities? Maybe. If all our government leaders unite for one purpose. If they set aside those personal grudges and personal desires. If they will learn to respect the unique differences of their co-workers. IF... I don't want to comment further. It will just make me more depressed knowing that all those IFS are far next to impossible. What do you think? I'll just pray and hope that God will hear my petition for a clean and unbiased election result.


Setting aside those political rants, I would like to take this opportunity to greet our lovely INA NG TAHANAN.
Happy 53rd Birthday Mama! Since I'm broke and it really sounds impossible to come home for a very special event, I asked my cousin, Nang Tina, to order a chocolate birthday cake for my Mama. And I asked my adopted sister (she's actually a second cousin but living with us :) she calls my mother Mama too..) to pick-up the cake and the gift that I've prepared weeks ago at Nang Tina's store. This is my little surprise for Mama and I hope that in my own little way, I made her feel special and loved even when I'm so miles away from her. I LOVE YOU MAMA :) THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. MUAAAAHHUGZ¤

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sexy mom said...

belated happy birthday to your mom. yes, it would have been nice if you were there, but i'm sure she would understand, and she would appreciate the gesture.