Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A stupid textmate + an injured phone + hectic schedule = stressed

Yesterday, so early in the morning I've got a missed call in my Smart line. I texted the caller to ask who he/she is because he/she is not in my phone book. And then he explained that he just dialed some numbers randomly and he wanted me to be his textmate. My gulay. So early in the morning maghahanap ng texmate? I honestly told the texter that I don't have time for all those craps. And I don't accept textmates from someone I don't even know. Natrauma na ako. hehehe. Sorry sya.

And then while on the road going to BPI to withdraw for our petty cash, I opened my Globe sim. And guess what? The same number texted me. At first he said 'hi, good morning' and then I asked him who he really is and then like what he said to me earlier in the morning, pachamba lang daw na pagdial ng number. Ano ba yan pare? Niloloko mo ba ako? Kaaga-aga nambubulabog ka na ng tao? Dalawang number ko di-nial mo lang ng pachamba? Ano ka manghuhula? I know that the person knows me but I really don't have the slightest idea who he is. And I've got a strong feeling that he is a he. I actually went a little bit mad yesterday morning. Nabwisit talaga ako. Manloloko na nga, mali pa ang diskarte! Ang tanga! Grrrrr..
So, the result, I was the meanest girl yesterday. I replied using my dialect (which is in Ilonggo) telling him he's so stupid and telling him to fool himself.

That was just the start of a very stressful day. Monday is such a busy day. And it's clearing week. I don't have any slack time. I can hardly even file all the invoices that are starting to pile up in my desk. And then in the afternoon, while liquidating my petty cash, I've noticed my SE phone was so quiet, it's actually the busiest among my two mobile phone because it is where all deposited sales are being texted and some other work-related complaints or updates. All I've been thinking is that the battery is already drained and I have to charge it. But then, after almost 30 minutes of charging, it won't turn on. And even the 'charging' message when it is turned off doesn't show. :( I waited for another 30 minutes but it's still the same. I called up our head office to make sure if it's okay to let Smart's branch here in Davao check my phone. They advised me to ask Smart's advise here first regarding my phone's status, if it really needs to be repaired then I have to send it back to Iloilo. After office, I took my phone to the nearest Smart Wireless Center and there they check my phone. The battery is okay as well as the charger, that means either the software or the hard drive is injured. :( They don't have an in-house technician that's why they 're not really sure which part of my phone is not working. Since my mobile phone is partly owned by the company, the CSR advised me to ask for a certification granting me permission to let Smart Davao take care of my phone's problem so that I don't have to send it to Iloilo. I'm lucky that Sony Ericsson and Semicon have a branch here in Davao City. The check-up and repair wont' take so long and Smart even told me that they will provide me a service unit if it will not be repaired within a day.

When evening came, I've felt that all my energy were all used up. A lot of pending works to finish, add up the disappointment due to my injured phone. And I need a way to let this out. This is one way I think. And another? I want to go to the spa! But not now, still saving up for a new business.

On the other hand, I've already seen Shrek 3 last Saturday with our Area Manager. It was hilarious! Girl power? We ladies should not wait for our prince charming to come and save us, they might be needing our help to find them. Hehehe ;) And those cute little shreks and one little fiona. They're so adorable.

Still have to go back to work. I blogged just to release a little emotional baggage due to my injured phone. And it helped. I'm quite OK now. Quite.


the philosphical bastard said...

they say monday is the most stressful day of the week so you should try hardest to keep your cool. but i should agree, anybody texting me without business would get me irritated.

JoHnR said...

hmm... shrek was good. funny. gave me quite a few laughs...

you should laugh often, takes out a load of stress out of your system.

well, il be going to cebu. sad to say i cudnt finish my site on time. just check it out. http://www.xenoarts.net

i dont know what to do with it. i guess im just not in to the blogging trend.

jireh said...


Anonymous said...


amu gd na ya!!!


take time to rest bala!!!