Thursday, May 17, 2007

Almost A Decade of Friendship

I want to share to everyone an e-mail I received from Junnel, one of my barkada. Reading his e-mail made me miss them more and more each day. This is the story of how our high school barkada came to be...

October 10, 1997 is a date I can never forget. It was on my sophomore year in high school when my group of four boys decided to break the walls that separate the young men’s world from the girls’.

It all happened when my friends, Karl, Carlo, Bryan and I (Junnel) started our swimming lessons in PE. As friends, our day will never be complete without meeting each other after our classes in the afternoon. Since our swimming is the last subject of the day, we tend to stay somewhere to wait for our friends at swimming lessons before going home. This somewhere somehow came to be a fixed venue of our meeting everyday. This was “a bench” in the extension-canteen.

So came about that there were also other two groups of girls who share the bench with us for the same purpose and so we got along each other as the curriculum-with- swimming- lesson passes by. We came to know this group of girl-dancers; Judybelle, Nimalyn, Maebelle and Tanisha who were so sweet and loving, and this other group of girls who are just friends by heart; Cookie, Jireh, Maica and Vanessa who were so fun to be with and so lovable.

This bench of 4-person capacity (I can’t clearly imagine how we fit-in there) actually merged a group of more fun and excitement. It was on the 10th of October, 1997 that my friends agreed to join the company of girls since we thought that we’re mature enough to count the girls in our gigs and trips.

Not too long as we stepped on the next level of our high school, 3rd year, we came to initiate in our group Greavinci and Shelah followed by Marlon and Jake on our 4th year. These new members didn’t just add on the pride of our group because they’re all talented but they also make a perfect blend in strengthening our relationship.

On this year, our “barkada” will be celebrating our 10th year together. And when I say together, goes with it are the memories I love to recall and the problems we went through hand-in-hand and the wish that we may long live the BARKADA.

If there’s one thing I can say about my friends I would rightly contend that my barkada is the living example of true ally and I wish to picture our group as the “poetry of friendship and love”.

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