Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Nonsense Post by Super Jireh

Time seems to move so fast when I’m busy. I have a lot of deadlines to meet and I was shock to know that there are only 3 days left before the month of wedding. JUNE na!??! Ang bilis… and I’ve got exactly 54 days before my 1st year anniversary here in Waffle Time. Last week, I promised myself that I should be able to shed some pounds before I celebrate my 1st year of patience and hard work. I’ve been so anxious of my weight lately. I want to become thinner. I’m sooooo fat! :[

I've been planning to go back to the gym but it hurts my pocket. I should minimize my monthly expenses. I have lots of bills to pay and I need to save enough moolah for my plane ticket. I’m planning to go home days before end of December because I want to spend New Year at home with my family. December is way too far but I’m really on a tight budget right now. Every peso counts ;)

When will I get some raise? I badly need a raise. Will the President do something about it? Huhuhuhu :’[ Ano ba naman toh? It’s like I’m just working to pay all my bills and debts. I do have some savings but
parang di sya savings. Kakarampot lang. Lol.

Such a nonsense post. Do I make sense here? I’m just ranting. Stressed. Tensed. Malapit na ang kataposan ng buwan. It will be my first time to do the daily payroll. Whew. Walang pahinga. May monthly operating expense pa. Kaya ko toh. Need to charge my super powers. Gotta go. Still have to finish the separation clearance of the crews who just ended their 5-months contract. Grabe.
Super Jireh! Hahaha :]


Joni said...

Hi, Jireh. Nice minimalistic design! :) Jutay nlng nga agwanta ah. hehe

jireh said...

gani man jons... hehehe... PATIENCE is a virtue..

eunice. said...

manang ji!!hehe panu mag link man? shet tuyo na ku..hehe si shing ra sa manila sbng..:)

SexyMom said...

that's not nonsense. it makes sense to have a goal, to save, to wish for a raise, and to look forward to being with family 6 months from now. good luck!

eys^ said...

hindi ka nag-iisa!! LOL


upod ta baka-baka!! LOL


eunice. said...

ng jireh!!!hehe guess what kahimo na ko my own personalized layout for blogger. sheeet its so budlay gle.. daw visual basic na subject sng hs! full of crappy codes. ugh!! pero lingaw.hehe i'll make another one para ma "busy" man ko! hai la gd upisyo yah! kumusta mna yah...hehe