Monday, May 14, 2007

Counting my blessings

This is a tag from Joni. While having a snack earlier at the mall, I listed down the things/persons I consider as God's blessings in my life.
  1. Work/Career Family - I wrote down work/career as my top 1 blessing in my life but later on, I've realized that my family is my number 1 blessing in my life. There are a lot of homeless children out there needing a family. And I'm so lucky to have a GrandMom and a Mama who never abandoned me. They stood by me through thick and thin even until now. I'm so blessed to have them in my life. I actually consider them as my life.
  2. Friends - My top 2 blessing in my life is my circle of friends. From Elementary buddies to High School Barkada to College berks to church siblings, I'm so lucky to have them in my life. They are the kind of friends who stayed not only during my triumphs but also through tough times.
  3. Work/Career - This is my top 3 blessing. Why I consider it to be a blessing? First and foremost, through my work, I learned how to be independent (it's because I was assigned miles away from home). Second, I no longer depend on Mama for financial help. It's one of my greatest achievement, to earn moolah out of my own blood and sweat. Even though my earnings is not enough to feed my whole family, I'm still proud to say that once in a while, I send some cash to help pay the utilities at home.
  4. My new mobile phone - I'm happy for this new blessing :) It's actually a reason and a motivation for me to stay longer here. I'm definitely motivated, not just because of this new toy but because of blessing no. 5.
  5. Additional responsibility - Last week, we had a meeting with our Territory Manager, and one of the result of the meeting is an additional load to my job description. At first, I was hesitant considering all the responsibilities I have to do every day and reports to be submitted every month, I just couldn't handle all of them together. But then, I just couldn't resist this new responsibility. I'm so eager to learn how to do it and I know that I can do it if I stay optimistic. Doing payroll is a big responsibility and I'm so happy that they trust me. Yipee! :) I've gained everybody's trust already.

Now, I'm tagging Tina, Ace, Megan, Toni, Rona, Chin and Christian. Start counting your blessings and share it to us. :)


Joni said...

Hi Jireh! Thanks for responding. :) lain na gid mn ta subong ah, mga careers na ang blessings hehe! madayon ka saylo sa north luzon?

jireh said...

Hi joni :) wala pa feedback, daw labo na gani... pero tani eh :) La pa man ko gakadula-an hope ah :) tc! :)

xtian said...

tag nang mn? what's this... exciting ni? hehe

sexy mom said...

count your blessings! actually, each day is a blessing, a miracle. good luck, Jireh, i'm sure you have a long way to go. Life is beautiful!

jireh said...

@ Xtian - ay pasaway ah.. hmph!

@ Sexymom - thank you so much :)

tina said...

wow. hehe im tagged. Ill do this one time.. ahiihi. thanks for the tag.

im the one from din pala. :)

xtian said...

what do you mean by tagging manang??? hehehe..