Tuesday, September 25, 2007

counting my blessings (part two) plus another little angel

I've been wanting to blog about this. But I had so little time for extra curricular activities here in the office. I've been so busy. What else is new? I'm always busy. But the huge work loads and countless deadlines that I have seems to be so little compared to the blessings that I've received since September 19, 2007. Below are the list of happenings that I considered as a heavenly gift from God.
  1. I passed University of Mindanao's entrance examination for Graduate School. =) So by November, I will be starting my Master in Business Administration.
  2. I finally received a salary raise after almost seven months of waiting. It was actually worth the wait.
  3. I was able to meet my first short term financial goal. (I consider this one to be a blessing because I've finally learned how to take good care of my finances.)
  4. I've received a news from one of my high school barkada that almost everyone of us has been showered with blessings lately. Isn't that nice to hear? ;)
  5. And finally, another little angel. One of our high school barkada, Shelah or Shing as everyone calls her, gave birth to cutie little Ianah yesterday around six in the morning.
Welcome to the world Ianah Tondo-Espuerta.

Thank you so much dear God for all the wonderful blessings. Patience is indeed a virtue. And it is really true that once we take good care of our job, God will take care of the paycheck. :) Have a nice day everyone! :) Thanks for dropping by :)

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Joni said...

Cute baby! ka-healthy katama. hehe. I'm glad you were able to achieve your goals and that you're receiving lots of blessings, Ji! :)