Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I went out for an hour earlier to visit University of Mindanao regarding my masteral plans this coming second semester. They scheduled me for an entrance examination tomorrow afternoon. Thank God our Area Manager allowed me to be absent tomorrow for my examination. So this is it. I am starting to realize my goals and dreams one at a time. My work schedule starting November has already been approved. I would be working from 8 in the morning until 12 noon then 1 until 6:30 in the evening from Mondays until Fridays only. That leaves my Saturdays free for my classes. I’m pretty excited to go back to school. What makes me more thrilled is the fact that I’m going to send myself to school. Yeah. Self-supporting. No parents to give me allowance. This is my hard-earned money. This is the result of my penny-pinching. Everyone in the office says I’m so kuripot. May mayaman bang hindi kuripot? *wink*

This is step one. Step two tomorrow. One step at a time. =) Patience and more patience. I can fulfill all my dreams, slowly but surely.

This is all for now, I have to go back to work ;)


Joni said...

Hi, Jireh! I'm happy for you! and I envy you.. Wala ko bi ya desire magskwela liwat. Not yet at least. hehe. Anyway, God bless with that. ;)

jireh said...

hi joni! :) thanks for dropping by :) actually i'm after for the credentials para makagwa ko :) pero eager gid ko magschool liwat :) hehehe.. :)