Monday, June 30, 2003

Monday! a beautiful day to start the week... hehehehehe... anyways, here i am again in csl7, making use of the internet connection, our teacher is absent, hehehehehe ;)... got no time to blog at home because the moment i turn on my pc, all i do is click on the MiRC icon and then guess what happens next!?!?! hehehehehe... of course! CHAT til the sun rises up again... lolz... i'm not joking! but i hate my daily routine! i want to change! but i really don't know how :( i wanna be serious with academic stuffs... i need to get back to the average GPA i used to have... but i just can't start a good study habit and it's all because of grrrrrrrr... MiRC! (nangbasol pa! hehehehehe)... I need to be disciplined... anybody can tell me how can i start a good study habit?!?!?! Maybe i need to list my priorities... hmmmm... that is:
1.) do assignment
2.) check planner for important upcoming activities
3.) chat! (lolz)
4.) sleep
what do you think?!? haaay naku! layp!
i still have a quiz after this period... whew! it would be the second quiz in Managerial Accounting... fixed cost, variable cost, contribution margin... contribution margin percentage, return of sales (ROS), net income, net loss, target profit in Peso and Volume... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! i'm sick and tired of reviewing! I just wish all that i have reviewed would come out and nothing new will come up to surprise us... teachers can oftentimes be mysterious. i guess not oftentimes... ALWAYS!!! lolz... i'll try to be back tonight.. review ko anay liwat! kulbaan ko!!! wish me luck! whew! God bless!! :D

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