Saturday, July 26, 2003

hello... it's already 9pm. in a little while, i have to back up all my mp3s and other important files because tomorrow, one of my barkada, karl, will be coming over. he will help me in reformatting my pc. i really need to clean up my hard disk... its full of unimportant programs and i just want to delete all unnecessary files.
anywayz, the seminar i have attended was all about how to conduct a meeting and basic report writing... it took place at University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos. there were two other delegates from the university supreme student government. One is Tiffany, a CAS (College of Arts and Sciences) senator and Maybelline, the President's Executive Secretary. we're supposed to be four but the other one haven't contacted any one of us... i have learned a lot from the seminar and i am thankful to Ryan (usls-ssg president) and Hudson (usls-ssg vice president) for choosing me as one of the representatives of our school. i am very excited to share to them what i have learned. i am also excited to apply what i have learned. i know that those things could help me improve my leadership skills basically in presiding meetings... and about the basic report writing, the Minutes of the Meeting was the one given emphasis among the four documentations associated with meetings. i think i can share this to my friend who is presently the secretary of Rotaract, also to another friend who is DMI's current secretary and also to the secretary of our academic club, SYMA.
University week is fast approaching... i need to contact the SG people specifically Hudson to confirm the committee i am going to handle. one of my friends told me that i am a part of the UWeek Working Committee but i don't know particularly what committee to handle... tsk tsk tsk... another tough and challenging job! :D
i'll be back later... irc anay! lolz...

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