Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Consequences of Being Independent...

Back in Bacolod, I used to be the princess of our family. I don't do the laundry nor cook for our lunch and dinner. I seldom iron my clothes if the situation just call for it. Neither do I clean the comfort room and the bathroom. I used to be a lazy brat who doesn't even think of helping even just watering the plants nor feeding my pets.
Now in Davao, I'm someone who I never used to be. A different me? Nah! It's still me. The same old me. The only difference is that I do the laundry, iron my clothes, prepare meal for me and my officemates and even clean the comfort room and the bathroom. I even wake up on my own now (with the help of course of my phone's alarm clock! thank God!).
It's not that hard considering I'm working for 9 hours a day (except on Fridays and Saturdays). But why do I find doing those chores too hard and too tiring before? Everytime my grandma or mom would ask me to iron the clothes or even just prepare the food she bought for our lunch, I would frown because I really don't enjoy doing those things. It seems to be so ironic. I really do enjoy the feeling of cooking and preparing our meals. Each of us in the office takes turn to cook for our lunch and dinner for each day. There were some failures but we just laughed over the palpak menu. It's still edible anyway. Hehehe..
During my first week here, I really demanded for a budget from my mother for me to buy the stuff that I need to make my room livable. Stuffs like hangers for my clothes, curtains, containers for food and other personal butingtings, laundry basket and even a sidetable. But the sidetable or night table is way too high for my budget, i'll make use of the monobloc chair for the meantime.

Here's some pics of my room inside our company staffhouse.
Everyday, I'm learning, both in managing and improving my career and in living each and every day of my life being far away from my family. And i'm really enjoying every minute of my independence. A friend told me over e-mail that I'll be missing every bits and pieces of Bacolod sooner but I don't mind at all. I'll eventually find ways for me to overcome homesickness and loneliness. It depends on the way I deal with it. Being happy is a personal choice. c",)
Thanks mom for setting me free and for believing in me and thank you so much dear God for this second chance.

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