Sunday, February 22, 2009

stress, procrastination, frustrations & disappointments

Lately, I seemed to be lost and absent-minded. I seemed to have lost my motivation in everything that I do. I seemed to have lost motivation on all my goals. I really want to lose weight. I want to be responsible and more dedicated in my work. I don't want to procrastinate. But I've seemed to be losing the battle :(

Lately, I've been in denial. I always say I'm okay. But deep down inside I'm not. Frustrations and disappointments are eating out my motivation to work harder on all my new year's resolution. Why does it seem so hard to change? I am too lazy to change, but I am no longer happy with what's happening to my life lately. This is not good. This is not me.

Maybe I'm just stressed. Who would not be? There are a lot of things which keeps on bugging me. The newly discovered health problem. The really tight budget. The mismanaged weight. The backlogs and messy office table. All negatives :( Where are the positives?

I want to start all over again with my weight loss goal. I want to be more dedicated and responsible both in school and work. I want to be organized (and I badly need help on this one!). I want to reconnect my spiritual being with God. I REALLY THINK this could help me. And I also think that I need to have a one day break to sort out everything. When can I have that break?

Can someone help me out please?