Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Homemade Facial Treatment : Green Tea

Before I resorted to Nizoral AD Shampoo, I experimented on the wonders of green tea. This is another homemade facial and hair treatment, but sad to say, it wasn’t that effective with me. It’s probably because I don’t drink that much in a day. I don’t like drinking tea as much as I like drinking coffee. But I tried and even until now, still trying to love green tea. Green tea is a good source of anti-oxidaants. Aside from drinking it, it can be applied topically to the face. Both ways can help reduce the inflammation or the redness of the face due to acnes. Green tea is another affordable homemade facial treatment. And oh, before I forget, green tea can also a remedy for dandruff.

Green tea is not only good for those who want to slim down. I believe that it can be an effective cure for pimples and even for dandruff. I tried to rub the used tea bag on my face and even tried to open the tea bag and made use of the moist leaves as a facial mask. After half an hour, the redness on my face reduced and I feel refreshed. Just make sure to wash your face with your usual facial wash after doing the facial mask. I also tried to boil the tea bag and instead of drinking the tea, I poured it over my head and let it stay for a while, like around 15 minutes. After that I shampooed and hair conditioned my hair. The itchiness on my scalp due to dandruff lessened but because my dandruff was on its severe stage, I opted to seek help from Nizoral.
This maybe another homemade facial and scalp treatment, but I believe this will work on everybody just as long as he or she learns to love drinking this type of tea. This will not also help in detoxifying our body, a warm cup of this drink would help us relax our mind and lessen stress. I would like to recommend this homemade facial and scalp treatment to everybody. =)


Junix Tenio said...

Can I try your facial treatment? I want to diminish my blackhead. Can you help me?

jireh said...

Hello Junix! I actually offer free facial... :) let me know if you're interested.. kindly text me, you can find my number sa profile ng facebook ko :)