Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I have promised to myself that i will update my blog everyday but it seems like 'promises are made to be broken :(' I'm always tired and i end up sleeping again... whew!!! Gonna change my habit!
Its already TUESDAY! and today is the big day! Happy Birthday Mother Earth!!! .... today is the International Earth Day, and later this afternoon, we will have a street march from different points, namely Lupit Church and Capitol Lagoon, the march will end up at the Bacolod Public Plaza where a short program will be held. Being the finance head of the activity is quite a tough job... (budlay manabon kng kulang na gd ang budget!) but i find it challenging because i am given the chance to interact with different kind of people. And what i love about this task is the chance of gaining more friends and acquaitances... and not only that, i have also gained self confidence because i'm dealing with people... you dont have a choice anymore... you must face them!!! Its like taking a risk... RISK!!! It reminds me of the quit message that therese have made weeks ago... The Greatest Mistakes We Make Are The RISKS We Didn’t Take… So If You Think Something Will Make You Happy, GO FOR IT So That You Won’t Live Asking Yourself “What if” And Telling Yourself “if Only”… Does it makes sense?? For me, it really makes sense! Its just like saying : "No RISK, No GAIN".
Its almost 10am... i have to go by now.. maybe i can add something later if i still have enough energy after the earth day program... oh my gosh! i still haven't texted my photoshop teacher that i will be absent in his class. okies... i have to go... God bless!Ü
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