Wednesday, April 23, 2003

whew! its already 9:30... i'm supposed to be taking a rest by now because i have only slept for 4 hrs and 30 mins... It took me almost 10 hours making my application letter and resume for the yearbook editorial and for my application as trainee at valderrama science and technology institute...Ü that was a pretty hard work but thanks a lot to midnight, melody and aiai... if not for them, i still should not have passed those papers... hehehehehe.. its hard to work with an empty mind and i really dont know how to make a very impressive application letter not unless i have full knowledge on how to make a really good one, and its not my fault, i still haven't taken up english6. it should have been easier... and i should have not seek anyone's approval and advices and comments...
the earth day street march yesterday wasn't really a big success, maybe because we have not put too much effort on assuring those whom we have invited to come and participate... but i'm glad it was over..Ü all the hardships and the pressure! whew! but i enjoyed my task and for me it was a success.. i love the last part.. the headshaving part.. better our hairs, rather than our forest!... unique motto right?? weheheeehhehe... i find those persons who volunteered to be headshaved wierd but i admire their stand with regard to illegal cutting of trees... i really cant see myself sitting at the stage in front of so many people with my head being shaved (nd na ako!!!) wheehehehe... i have my own ways to declare and show to everybody that i am a pure blooded environmentalist... til here for now... maybe i can add up more later.. balik ko anay sa irc.. damo ko toh karn mamiss.. lolz..Ü

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