Friday, December 09, 2005

not another weblog...

i can't remember exactly how many times i've tried to revive my online journal... in fact, i still haven't started my personal page... bought the domain ( last june but all you can find there is "UNDER CONSTRUCTION!" wehehehehe =) i'm just LAZY to think of a good design and i'm not that good in designing pages... really! hmmmm.. poi pwede ikaw na lang himo? lol! d gani si aiai na lang... xmas gift nyo sakon! hehehehe =) kidding aside... that would be an insult to my ownself for making you do the things which i know i can do (only not that good as what you can do guys!)
it's past 12 in the morning... looks like i'm back to my old habits again... but i have to be a bit more disciplined because i have work later... as in LATER! and i must sleep by 1 or else i'll be dozing off in the office later... and someone might get angry... he's actually sleeping already but if he finds out later that i'm still up at this very moment... paakig lang ko yah eh! anhon ko na yah kay wala pa ko yah natuyo! soweee yan! peace! =) Masleep na ko yan sbng na promise na gid na...
Later.... =)
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