Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy 2nd year of Independence

Today marks my 24th month of being independent. Yes... I arrived here in Davao City last July 23, 2006. It has been a wonderful stay here in the Durian Republic. I definitely love the place not just because of the super affordable lifestyle but also because of the laid back life. Super stress free. :)
It's coffee break now. I'll probably lay down 24 remarkable things that happened to me in my 24 months of living here in Davao City.

1. Learning how to cook not just frying eggs and hotdogs which I used to do in Bacolod. I've learned how to cook viands and even learn how to perfectly cook rice ;)
2. I learned how to control my online addiction. Before, I just can't live without Internet, I really have to go online even just an hour or two everyday.
3. I already have my savings account but still not that big. I'm on my way there ;)
4. I am a proud self supporting student :) I've enrolled myself for Graduate School, currently I'm in my 3rd semester. 2 more semesters to go then I'm done :)
5. I'm now a proud member of the Rotaract Club of Munting Pag-asa Davao. Not just a member, was also inducted as Secretary and Director for Community Service.
6. I was able to meet Tina and establish a very sweet friendship with her. **Hi Tin! c",)**
7. I joined DXN (through Tina) and gained more friends :)
8. I learned to appreciate the taste of ampalaya (bitter melon), eggplant, okra, broccoli and other veggies :)
9. I conquered my fear of watching movie alone. I even realized that watching movie alone is better than having company. Wala lang... Mas enjoy lang ko...
10. I've visited Valencia, Bukidnon. I love the place :) So great for rest and relaxation :)
11. I've also visited Cagayan de Oro.
12. I also have visited Digos City but only for a few hours. :)
13. I received my first credit card from BDO (JCB 4-Gives), it's actually a semi-credit card... Semi because it has less features than other credit cards under Mastercard and Visa because it was meant for beginners.
14. I received my 2nd credit card, a Mastercard from Eastwest Bank :)
15. I consumed all my credit limit on my very first swipe with my Eastwest Mastercard. Actually, there's still Php1.00 left. Hehehe. Swiped a laptop then converted the amount to installment payment for lower interest rate since the gadget is not included in the 0% promo :)
16. As mentioned above, I've managed to purchase my very own laptop, a cheaper one just for my school use and internet surfing and chatting :) It has been my heart's desire to own one. I would have opted for a Vaio or an HP Compaq but budget's really tight. For now, I'm happy and contented with my Neo Laptop :)
17. I gained more friends through Rotaract and DXN and also because of Grad. School, I was able to establish friendship with different people from all walks of life.
18. I became more mature in dealing with different problems in life.
19. I learned to love books more than before.
20. I managed to be more organized at work with the help of our new lovely encoder, Dimple :) **Thanks au Pols! c",)**
21. I gained a lot of weight! This is so remarkable that I really need to do something about it. Tsk tsk...
22. I learned to be more cautious in dealing with perfect strangers (i.e. textmates, chatmates).
23. I learned to value my family more.
24. I got hurt because of love but then I managed to get up and move on all by myself, realizing that I should learn to LOVE myself more than anything else in the world. (=

Once again, thank you dear God for the opportunity to learn and experience life everyday. Everything is not so perfect but I'm happy that I've managed to travel a long way and I'm still very eager to learn more, open to failures and heartaches but more optimistic that life gets better each day because of these loopholes. I learn more when I get hurt or when I commit mistakes. Sometimes, it's more easy to understand things when mistakes get in the way. =)Tira! tira! =)


tina said...

Happy 2nd year of Independence te! I am so glad we met. You imparted to me a lot of ideas specially when it comes to community service.

the love of serving people is there.. but you introduced another way of serving.

thank you for sharing yourself to ME and to everybody in the office rin. we were brought together for a reason. you aren't a hard person to get along with... game na game ka nga masyado eh. :)

although, lately we've both been busy and we rarely meet... pero with the impending yoga class.. i do hope we can do it together!! yeheyyyy haha. :)

i may not always sms.. but im always here ate to listen whenever you need someone to talk too. kaon kaon ta bond bond di ba??? hapit nasad kadayawan.. teka murag hapit na ta one year nagkaila te.. di ba it was kadayawan time when we met? mga august rin yun. hehe. :)

love you so much *HUGS* :)

kelan kaya ako maging independent for a year? kahit a year lang? kaya ko kaya? woooo.

which gave me an idea... why don't we have dinner somewhere? or lunch maybe? to celebrate. *cheers*

Joni said...

Total independence does teach you a lot of stuff. And Davao is just the place to experience it all (although wala pa ko da kakadto, I'm sure it's a swell place).

Here's to another year of adventures! :)

Eva said...

hi ji,
still remember me?

but anyways, i just want to thank you for all the moments we shared during our MBA group.

thank you for being so nice, thoughtful and a very caring person.
i really admire you. i wish i had an independence you had before i settled.
sana kaya ko rin i-express ang sarili ko through writing just like you,hehehe.
i love reading your helped me know more abwt you.

sana magkita tayo ulit. sana makapasyal ka dito sa amin...