Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Nothing much. I feel bloated. hehehe. When I'm depressed, it's either, i'll eat too much or i won't eat and just lock myself inside my room. But since I can't do the latter one because I have to report to the office everyday, I have to eat and eat just to make myself feel better. hahaha :)
I am always hungry. This has to stop or else, I'll gain more weight again.
I went out of the office twice this day. The manager told me to check our petty cash. I've checked it before lunch time but the account balance is still the same. And again checked it in the afternoon together with our driver (whew I'm glad he came back earlier from processing his health card, I hate taking the jeepney while I'm on my skirts), but still, same balance. Delayed and BPI? Ay? hehehe...
I hate it when I've got the chance to go out of the office. Going out would mean spending on things or food again. I just can't help it. hehehe... Bought some snacks before going back to the office. Eat again! :)
I am still hungry but I really feel fat now. Anyone can help me? :(

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