Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Hearts Day Ü

It’s St. Valentine’s Day once again, and here I am, still single just like last year. Got no luck in relationships I guess. What I’ll be missing this special day is the dinner date, bar hopping and videoke galore with my college friendships ? I don’t have so many friends here in Durian City. My lagaw mate will be having a date with her friends from the SFC. Another office mate will be spending it with his girlfriend, I really sure he would. And our manager? I dunno what’s Ms. Vi’s plan but I don’t have any moolah now. I’m broke :( As in totally broke. I’m actually preparing for my superfriend’s arrival on Sunday. Yeah ;) Maebelle my baboy (we fondly call each other baboy, hehehe, terms of endearment), one of my high school barkada will be coming over for some audit work. I miss her so much. She’s my lagaw mate back at home. I wasn't able to spend time with her when I came home last month, I was busy with my fake (as in super fake!) love life while she on the other hand, had so many overtime work to render. I would like to make it up to her when she arrives here. I miss our shopping days. It's one of our ways to keep up with each other's lives aside from the usual tambay or sleepover at her place.For now, I'll just focus on my work. I'm not that loaded now. I even have a little time to blog. Valentines Day is not just for lovers. One online friend said that V-Day is an awareness day for all singles. Well, I'm guess he's right. Awareness that I'm alone on this special day for lovers. Got no one here even just my family. But I'm okay and I will be okay :) And V-Day is not only for lovers, mind you, it's for families and friendships. One way to keep ourselves bonded with our loved ones not only with our special someone but with our family and friends as well.Have a Happy Hearts Day everyone!Ü

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