Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentines, Election blah blah & Frustrations

Since we're all broke here, we opted to just cook pancit canton with matching hard boiled egg for our snacks yesterday. Add up the Pop Cola. lol. hehehe. A memorable Valentine's Day! I just spent the night watching t.v. as usual and slept earlier than my usual sleeping time. While waiting for the teleserye, I opted to watch news so as to keep myself updated with the latest happenings within the country. And I really have to blog on this issue. I felt bad about confirming the issue that our national boxing hero is indeed running for congressman this coming election. Imagine?!?!? What will happen to our country if it will be ran by actors and athletes?
I don't have much idea on politics and the government. I'm poor in Political Science. I find it boring honestly. Back in my college days, sometimes I haven't noticed that I'm already dozzing off in my polsci class. hehehe... :) I was just lucky enough my professor wasn't able to notice that I'm already in dreamland.
Going back to the topic, though I don't have much knowledge on politics, I can still say that being a senator and a congressman is not a joke. You have to have experience and knowledge about what you're getting into.
When asked why he wanted to run for congress, Pacquiao said that he just wants to help the Filipino people. He said that a lot of poor people needs his help. He can help in some other ways aside from running for congress. My gosh!!! Ano ba???? I'm so sorry I'm just pissed off. He wasn't able to finish school and he's still got more fights to win. One can never serve two masters.
If I were him, I'll just concentrate with my current profession. And just run for a lower position within my hometown when time comes that I'll get tired of playing.
Well well well... That's life. I'm sorry but I'll just hope and pray that he (and even Richard Gomez) will not win this coming election. There are already a lot of garbage in the government. What will happen to our country? ¤sigh¤
Back to work :)

Two hours later after shouting out my heartaches on the current election issues, my officemate keeps on ranting on a certain conference that she really wanted to attend. But it's kind of too late because she needs a big amount of money for the said activity . She's really disapponted and frustrated about it that she brought out the idea of calling McDo for delivery. She keeps on insisting and I have no choice but to give in to her plea and sir Emman already agreed to her bad idea. Yeah as in bad. Huhuhuhu. I don't know how to start slimming down. I gained weight again. :( I am frustrated again. But it really feels good to eat. Hehehehe :) So here we are, happy because we're full, but a little bit down, because we have to wait for another 5 days for payday to come. We're all broke now, as in totally broke. Haay life...

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